New fully electric Cupra Born


CUPRA Born CUPRA is taking the next step in its electrification strategy, delivering emotional design and instantaneous performance

using the most advanced electric powertrain technology, with the launch of the CUPRA Born.

The brand’s first 100% electric vehicle seamlessly augments CUPRA’s DNA pillars of design, performance and electrification, that will deliver a credible performance electric model.

Stimulating design, electrifying performance and unconventional character set CUPRA Born apart and marks a new era for the brand. This all-electric model adds to a line-up that includes petrol-powered and plug-in hybrid variants of the CUPRA Leon, Leon Estate, Ateca and Formentor.

CUPRA’s approach to environmental consciousness encapsulates far more than simply the energy that power its vehicles – it extends to how it’s made and the materials within.

It is the first model of the brand to be delivered to customers net CO2 neutral. Energy from renewable sources is used in the supply chain and the remaining emissions are offset by environmental and project investments certified to the highest standards.

Designed and developed in Barcelona, at the headquarters in Martorell, the CUPRA Born will go into production at the Zwickau plant in Germany this September.

Underneath the CUPRA Born sits one of the most advanced electrified powertrains that has been engineered to deliver electrifying performance.

There are four battery variants customers can choose from, ranging from a 150PS model with 211 miles* of range through to an option with up to 231PS and 335 miles* of range. The fastest-accelerating model hits 31mph (50km/h) from standstill in just 2.6 seconds and on to 62mph (100km/h) in 6.6 seconds**.

The powertrain utilises a 16,000rpm permanent magnet synchronous motor, integrated above the rear axle. Torque is transferred across the rear axle using a single-speed transmission with differential, ensuring smooth power delivery and driver confidence during cornering.

The CUPRA Born uses a water-cooled, multi-pouch lithium-ion battery system housed low and centrally in the car to offer the best centre of gravity –using it as an advantage to deliver enhanced driving dynamics.

The aluminium structure, in which the battery is housed, is bolted to the MEB body, increasing overall rigidity.

The system’s efficiency is monitored by the onboard thermal management system that maintains the battery’s temperature, ensuring it stays within the optimal temperature range. The battery includes a base plate with integrated water channels connected to the coolant circuit.

The design of CUPRA Born serves to not only draw you to the vehicle, but it also highlights the excitement of EV mobility.




The exterior design is unconventional and unique, befitting a high-performance vehicle and launching the brand into the future. The strong CUPRA character comes to the fore, mixing flowing surfaces with body-colour and technical details to provide a design that exudes sportiness and elegance.

“The CUPRA Born’s design is multifaceted, it sharpens the CUPRA look while at the same time incorporating the modernity of its advanced electric powertrain”said Jorge Díez, Design Director at CUPRA and SEAT.“It delivers a strong CUPRA character that expresses agility and performance with its mix of flowing surfaces and technical details.”

The front aesthetic focuses on the newly-designed full LED headlights, flanking the concave upper section that sits like a shark nose and the copper-framed lower intake designed to channel air towards the radiator for battery thermal management.

The bonnet incorporates three-dimensional shapes to help bend the light and bring the front end to life, while the volume sitting on top of the headlights and through the wings help create the vehicle’s sporty stance.

The full LED headlamp signature is unique and instantly recognisable, enhanced by the small triangles on the side of each lamp. The lighting technology includes an animated ceremony as you approach and start the vehicle, adding to the overall experience.

The finishing touch for the front design is the copper CUPRA badge, positioned at the very front of the bonnet between two crisp lines that direct the eye downwards towards the lettering.

As the eye sweeps around to the vehicle’s side profile, it is drawn to the sharp rake of the A-pillar. It helps draw a sleeker, performance-driven visual, it also improves airflow over the vehicle and allows for the integration of the head-up display.

The interior is characterised by expressive lines, characterful surfacing and dramatic material cuts. It is honed to be a truly digital place, the floating 12-inch infotainment touchscreen, standard on all models, takes centre stage, angled towards the driver, allowing easy access to a range of functions in a simple and intuitive style.

The MEB platform also brings new possibilities for interior design, maximising space thanks to the clever use of storage, such as the high centre console, which combines connectivity points with a large storage capacity. This space is designed and finished in the same neoprene material as the Bucket seats, giving greater cohesion to the design and enhancing the quality feel of the key touch points. The boot has a capacity of 385 litres.

All the lines in the dashboard are orientated towards the driver, while a more sculptural surface treatment is reserved for the front passenger’s area, creating two clearly divided spaces.

The interior highlights CUPRA’s dedication to reducing its impact on the environment is beyond just reducing carbon emissions. The use of recycled materials is another pillar of this philosophy.

The central section of the bucket seats is manufactured from SEAQUAL® Yarn, made from upcycled marine plastics. Marine litter from beaches, the ocean floor and surface, or entering oceans from rivers and estuaries, is collected by a clean-up programme and sorted into different material types. The plastic is cleaned, treated and recycled into yarn that has almost identical in physical properties to virgin polyester.

The interior has been trimmed to elevate the feeling of space and quality, with the use of 3D effects and surfaces enrich the feeling of modernity and iridescence.

A second recycled material is Dinamica® microfibre, that is applied on both the door panels and upholstery (optional, not available on all trims). The recycled polyester contained in Dinamica® derives from polyester fibres found in t-shirts and clothing fibres, and PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) from single-use plastic bottles and other plastics. It is available in either Dark Blue or Grey colour finishes.

In the rear, the feeling of spaciousness and solidity continue with the use both dark and light colours. Lighter hues provide the feeling of freshness while darker shades provide the feeling of strength.

The CUPRA Born utilises a digital eco-system that integrates the most advanced infotainment and connectivity solutions to keep customers in touch with their vehicle at all times.

CUPRA Born benefits from an augmented reality head-up display system, which projects crucial driving information onto the windscreen, and appears layered over the real world (not available on entry trim). Data that’s displayed includes driver assistance indicators, vehicle speed and navigation commands. All information is directly in the driver’s line of sight, improving the overall driving experience and minimising the need for the driver to look away from the road ahead.

The driver binnacle is smaller and more focused, as a result. The simplified layout delivers the most relevant information in high-definition clarity. The smaller digital cockpit also houses the gearshift buttons and parking brake. Fully customisable, it displays only the information the driver needs, in high-resolution clarity.

The centre piece to all the infotainment systems is floating 12-inch infotainment touchscreen, featuring the brand’s latest generation of technology. The 1560×700-pixel display mixes the benefits of touchscreen inputs, physical buttons and voice control.

Capacitive touch technology improves interaction and feedback, making the use of the system responsive and precise. Touch sliders add greater convenience, controlling both climate and volume.

The infotainment system can display a range of data and information including 3D navigation, music, contacts, vehicle settings and driving data, as well as a host of additional functions, keeping the occupants constantly connected.

The Wireless Full Link system means the infotainment system can be connected to both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Music is enjoyed via the optional nine-speaker Beats® audio system.

CUPRA Born also integrates voice assistant technology which can be used for a wide number of functions, including finding navigation information or controlling the cabin temperature in an effortless way.

The system can be accessed by pressing the button located on the steering wheel or saying the wake-up words, “Hola, Hola”.

At the core of all this technology is CUPRA CONNECT, as well as the newly-developed ‘My CUPRA’ App.

UK pricing for CUPRA Born will be announced in quarter four 2021 with deliveries starting at the beginning of 2022.

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