3 things that will damage the paintwork of a vehicle


When it comes to our vehicles we do not only have their mechanics to think of but also protecting their bodywork as much as possible.

This is, however, not always possible when there are things like freak hail storms that not even the weather forecaster seems to be able to entirely predict. Help is at hand, though, when it is possible to obtain a Paintless Dent Repair. For this article, we will consider hail and other factors that result in damage to vehicle bodywork.

As hail falls it will invariably scrape against the front and side of a car and lead to both chips or scratches of the paintwork. This is ignoring the size of hailstones which call fall at considerable speed and cause a dent. Strange marks discovered after a storm will usually be due to hailstones.It is not everyone that has a garage to keep their vehicle in overnight, and in any case, you cannot do that in the day when you are parked somewhere in town when you are working or shopping.If you value the cosmetic look of your vehicle, then you will want to fix the damage as soon as possible. This is thankfully possible with a paintless dent repair (PDR) that some garages can now provide and guarantee.Hailstorms can be extreme and cause significant damage to vehicles, so it is important to make sure that your insurance covers them and your repair.

Depending on where you live, your car can end up the target for vandalism. This does not have to be personal because it can merely be a random act fuelled by boredom. So, it is good to know a vehicle repairer that can put this right at a competitive rate.Typical items used in vandalism will include coins that scratch paintwork and hammers that cause dents. You can probably guess what the hammer also usually ends up smashing. The only protection against this is not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and not to have a vehicle that stands out but simply blends in with the crowd. This is not about being dictated to but can be common sense if you live in these types of areas. You can always have a second car for parking in less desirable areas and then a more luxurious one for elsewhere.

As children can find our walls inside to get creative on, they can do the same with our vehicle paintwork. Crayons can become permanent marker pens that are difficult to remove.A tip that I have found for removing permanent marker pen from vehicle paintwork is:

1. Rinse the paintwork with a clean cloth that has been made damp with cold water.
2. Apply hairspray liberally from an aerosol can to any marker pen stain that remains.
3. Buff this area with a clean cloth.
4. Wipe down the area with a clean cloth and cool water.

If this does not work you will, of course, need to seek the help of a bodywork repairer.So, that might be one type of damage that we can fix ourselves. Dents, which may be as a result of children, are best left to an expert, though. Particularly if you want a dent-free repair that takes away all evidence of damage. This helps when you come to sell a car. You might need to consider changing vehicles sooner rather than later when you have a growing family.From an educational point of view, it is good to teach children from an early age about respecting the property of others but, of course, accidents will happen.

In conclusion, our vehicle paintwork can be damaged by the weather, vandalism, and either our own hands or the children of others. We have to be prepared for all this when we own a vehicle, eventhough it can be extremely annoying when damage happens. Although we cannot predict hailstorms precisely it is worth keeping both eyes on the weather forecast to know when they are likely to happen. This might just save your vehicle from damage. All is not lost, though, when there are services offered that can provide a dent-free repair and restore our vehicle to new, or how we remember it, and protect our investment.

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