Could Subaru Be Your Car For 2022

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There is nothing greater than that new car smell, it could be the citrus wafting through the vents, the leather polish on the seats from recently being scrubbed from top to bottom,

or the excitement of finally owning the car of your dreams.

If you have ever walked through a car showroom you will know it is tough to not want all of them, each looking shinier than the next, the accessories seemingly more needed than the last model, and then they make you choose. Sounds unfair to me to be honest, after all, is more than one car an unreasonable ask?

When it comes to the husbands being asked and then requesting them to pay for it I would imagine the answer to be a hardy yes as if there was any doubt. And so, we settle for the one, but that doesn’t mean to say we will settle for any old car that they choose within 5 minutes of walking into the building. No sir. We know what we like and we came to get it.

Love the life you live.
Life is far too short to sit on the sidelines and watch the game being played, we need to be involved, in the thick of things, and enjoy the finer things in life if we so choose. And if that means arriving at the office in half your usual time and looking as stylish as ever, then who can blame you for wanting a new set of wheels.

Some people say that blue is the color for boys, but if you haven’t seen a boss woman step out of a royal blue supercar with 6-inch heels on like it is any other day then you certainly have not lived, nor run in her circle. Subaru is a brand that is unmistakably known worldwide and with its signature colors, it is hard to not pass a glance at it as it drives past or even better, stops next to you at the traffic lights.

The color speaks volumes without saying a word, and if you want to experience that feeling then you need to head down to your new car dealer and ask for a test drive that could change your life. You may not have given it a thought to consider it for your everyday commute to work vehicle, but then again, you aren’t living your life to its full potential now are you?
Building relationships and climbing the corporate ladder is not only about what you do in the office but outside of the 4 walls of your office block as well, meeting clients, wooing customers is all part of the package and blue is a status color. It has been for centuries, representing royals, regales, and has a presence you don’t need to announce.

You deserve it.
Who is to say you can’t want your cake and eat it too, there is no set rule about what is or isn’t allowed to be bought, how well or little you treat yourself, and if you are working the hours some would consider ludicrous then I bet you are long overdue a pat on the back. Or a set of new car keys at least.

So you have decided ‘the blue’ one is for you, but you still have doubts. You’re hesitating and trying to weigh up all the pros and cons as to whether you should go ahead with it or not, well let’s make this easier for you and put all the pros on the table one time so you don’t have to think about any cons, shall we.

• Compassion. This is for nobody but yourself. You deserve to be kind to yourself now and then, it is good for mental health and increases dopamine (read about it here and how we may need it more than we realize or allow ourselves to feel).

• Reinforcement. When we treat ourselves for a job well done or a goal reached we not only feel great, but it mentally reinforces those work ethics and instills a drive into us making us stronger for the next curveball life has to throw at us.

• Anti-depressant. Eating a cupcake for breakfast is absolutely allowed if you are feeling like you need a pick-me-up and preventing you from a depressive downward spiral sinking further away from the light.

• Nurture. Often people mistake treating themselves to indulgence, the latter being the more excessive form of the reward. Rather look for something small, rewarding for tasks executed well and on time as opposed to 5 new handbags you can’t afford.

Safety first.
It is no secret that supercars have the power to back up their name, you get what you pay for, and as much you as love the car you are a bit overwhelmed by the power it can put out, which is why a test drive or two is highly recommended.

There are plenty of dealerships that would be happy to take you out on the open road and let you feel the thrill of the engine you’re about to buy. You want a company that makes you feel at ease, comfortable and pressure-free, and firms such as those found in this link understand the importance of customer care and service.

The agent should explain all safety features and perks when it comes to a high-performance vehicle, any extra measures you could take on your end such as completing a high-performance car driving course is always a bonus, and to take it slow at first.

Of course, it will be exciting to want to drive all night and day showing it off, but the last thing you want is to wreck a beautiful piece of machinery simply because you were speeding and became over-confident.Besides, with such a masterpiece in your hands it only makes sense to want to drive it slow so that everyone can look at, admire, and want to be you, am I right?

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