5 Ways You Could Transform The Look Of Your Car

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Did you know there are multiple things you can change about your car to completely transform its look?

It can be overwhelming to know where to start, so consider this a guide to inspire you, helping you to make decisions on what you want to do with your car.

Tint Your Windows
Something that you can do to your car that has a major impact comes in the form of tinting your windows. There are many benefits to tinting your car windows, such as adding more privacy to your life when driving, as well as improving the overall appearance of the vehicle.

In some cases, tinting your windows can also help you to drive safer, as you may struggle to drive in conditions where it’s too bright, or even having a higher temperature. Tinting your windows acts much like sunglasses for your eyes, meaning you don’t need to strain as much and will be able to see what’s in front of you, preventing accidents.

Have Your Car Professionally Wrapped
One of the most major ways in which you can completely transform the look of your car is to have it professionally wrapped. This is because you can do lots of different things with this, with the options seeming limitless, depending on what you want from your imagination.

Even if you have a flawless paint job, you could utilise a wrapping service to either completely cover the car, or cover a specific section, to give it a new look. It won’t just be colour that you can wrap, but even textures and images.

Aside from transforming the look of a car, professional wrapping can protect the car and its bodywork from scratches and bumps. If the actual vinyl wrap itself gets damaged, then it can easily be replaced. It’s a solid way to change the look of a car without too much effort on your part. That’s one of many reasons why you should get your car professionally wrapped by providers such as Adept Wrapping, who can offer a standard service through financing, or even a premium finish that includes chromes.

Add New Headlights
This will be truer for older cars, but sometimes the lights in your car can start dropping in quality, both in terms of strength and going foggy. You could purchase, and have installed, a new set of headlights that can help make your car look brand new.

Restoring old and dirty headlights can freshen up your car look. There will be a few different styles and even colours you could look into, as long as they are legal additions.Alternatively, if you don’t want to completely put new headlights in, then you could instead look into just having the bulbs updated. In some cases, this can have just as an effect, but in a much more affordable way.

Look Into New Wheels
In terms of new wheels and rims, this will help your car to stand out a lot too. If you’re looking to transform your car to look more discrete, then you could also look into wheel solutions that are designed to do just that. You’ll find that there are plenty of different options for wheels, for budgets ranging from affordable to luxurious.You can also look into wheel restoration, to help make your car look fresher and more in the modern era. Years of driving with your car on the set of wheels you own can take their toll. They can corrode, chip and peel due to the natural elements and the way some roads are designed.Whilst you may think your only solution is to go and purchase new wheels, you can restore the current set by actually sanding them down, and refinishing them. This will be preferable if you have an expensive set of wheels that you’ve come to love and offers a much cheaper route than just outright replacing them. You may find they look as new as the day they arrived.

Car Accessories
Another effective way to transform the look of your car is to look into car accessories. These could come in a variety of forms, from adding a new steering wheel, or even a steering wheel cover. The complete insides of the car can be changed to whatever you want. That’s why you find people adding in new gear shift knobs and coverings, as well as racing pedals too.For the exterior, you will have options such as light covers, or even under-car lighting. There will be a few different ways in which you can have these applied. The most effective will be to take your car in to an auto shop of some kind, so that you can have all your fittings properly measured, to find suitable parts to purchase. Alternatively, you can go online to shop for pieces that catch your eye.

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