The Best Accessories for Your Ford SUV or Truck


FordYour Ford is your tank, whether in the concrete jungle or on your way to your favorite remote camping spot.

When you care for your Ford SUV or truck, you’re caring for the vehicle that gets you through the good and the bad.

If you’re looking for a way to soup up your rig without breaking the bank, some of the best modifications and helpful tools are at your fingertips and ready for installation or use on a new Ford F150 truck or SUV. Here are some of our hand-picked selections to give your tank the extra pick-me-up it deserves.

A Portable Jump Starter
In recent years, portable jump starters have gained traction as some of the most valuable tools to have in your Ford when your battery goes dead, especially if you’re unfortunate enough to be far from having help.

When you need the peace of mind that a dead battery won’t leave you stuck in the woods, a portable jump starter is affordable and effective. In addition, they range in plenty of styles, sizes, and costs, meaning you can find a suitable portable power supply for your beloved Ford in as easy as a few clicks.

A Front Towing Hook
When the only way you can go is forward and back, your Ford will be able to conquer all if you install a front towing hook. Gone will be the days when you had to precariously back into a messy situation to pull out something that needs towing. Adding to your Ford SUV or truck’s versatility is an excellent way to add to its overall value and usability.

Rooftop Cargo Container
Maybe you’ve seen them in the shape of a kayak before, but a dedicated container securely connected to your Ford truck or SUV’s rooftop bars can serve as excellent extra storage space. From easily compacted duffel-style containers to solid plastic storage units with aerodynamic designs, there’s a rooftop storage container for every type of Ford driver, according to the EarnhardtFord.

Strapping these cargo boxes or bags to the top of your Ford is as easy as a few secure lines and snaps, making them not only practical but a speedy solution to needing more space to store your things.

Window Lining Deflectors
While some might view these as ugly, we think they help keep your windows from being covered in the precipitation of heavy weather. Higher visibility from every angle is critical when you’re using your Ford for the hard work it does every day, from your long commute to your trek through the wilderness.

Tinted Windows
While many Ford trucks and SUVs come with these pre-installed, going darker is always an option if you value your privacy. Make sure to check your state’s laws on tinted windows, especially in the front seat, just to be careful that you don’t land a ticket from your local law enforcement.

A Truck Tent
This might be one you’ve never heard of, but a truck tent is an excellent way to combine the sturdy versatility of your Ford with the extra living space of a dedicated tent, all without the price tag of an expensive towable RV.

From the simplistic kind that props up a shade covering for sitting near your Ford to the full-service tents that cover over your entire truck or SUV roof or bed, there’s a type of truck tent for all adventurous Ford campers out there.

Taking Your Ford to the Next Level
While there are plenty of things to spruce up your truck, like seat covers or fancy mudflaps, we think some of these more complex additions to your Ford SUV or truck will give your vehicle the extra care it deserves while enhancing your quality of life at the same time.

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