First Ford Broncos arrive in the UK

One of the most eagerly-anticipated vehicles of the past year, the Ford Bronco 4×4 SUV, has arrived on UK roads courtesy of high-performance and luxury car specialist Clive Sutton.

The iconic design of the all-new model calls on Ford’s heritage Bronco from the 1960s and ’70s. The stylish yet rugged appearance hints at the off-road capability of the Bronco, while the modern-day comfort and convenience features make the new SUV as much a daily driver as an adventurer’s toy.

With global order books full until 2023, the pipeline of models secured by Clive Sutton is sure to prove popular with UK buyers looking for a unique, distinctive and capable SUV. With all import requirements, shipping, taxes and registration handled by the Clive Sutton team, UK buyers can secure a Bronco, hassle-free, for £45,000-85,000 dependent on specification. While private imports cease to benefit from Ford’s US warranty, Sutton Bronco buyers receive a comprehensive two-year / 30,000-mile cover.

Fitted with a 2.3-litre or 2.7-litre engine, and paired with a seven-speed manual or 10-speed automatic transmission, the four-door Bronco has the grunt to tackle any on- or off-road challenge. It’s 270-310bhp engine boasts 310-400lb-ft (420-542Nm) torque which, when applied through the G.O.A.T (Goes Over Any Terrain) drive modes, makes dealing with any obstacle a breeze.

Clive Sutton specialises in importing some of the most unique, powerful and desirable vehicles from the US and across Europe.

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