New Alfa Romeo Tonale

Alfa Romeo presents the new Tonale, the model that marks the brand’s metamorphosis while remaining true to its DNA of Italian sportiness since 1910.

With the all-new Tonale, a radical evolution is taking place at Alfa Romeo which is looking ahead to a new era of connectivity and electrification.

The definitive design of the Tonale is faithful to the concept car from which it draws its origins, courtesy of the remarkable work done at the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo.

The Alfa Romeo Tonale offers a distinctive, sensual and forward-looking design, extolling new stylistic canons destined to remain as points of reference in the development of the future Alfa Romeo line-up: five-hole alloy wheels, the cluster in the ‘telescopic’ instrument panel, the three-spoke sports steering wheel, and the sine-curve headlights. Its compact dimensions – length 4.53m, width 1.84m and height 1.6m – encompass the uniqueness of Italian design and the original, contemporary style typical of Alfa Romeo.

The new Alfa Romeo Tonale is an evolution of the concept car first unveiled at the 2019 Geneva motor show. The Centro Stile Alfa Romeo have ensured a continuity of the concept car’s specification to deliver a production car that combines classic Alfa Romeo stylistic features, reinterpreted in the name of modernity, with the characteristics of Italian design.

The sides are notable for their extended curve below the waistrail, known as the ‘GT Line’, which runs from the rear to the headlights, giving definition to the car’s body and its profile. In the lower part of the sides, special modelling of the surfaces conveys sensuality and athleticism in the car’s body. All these characteristic elements are deeply rooted in the brand’s DNA. In terms of the modelling, its full volumes and sensuality are reminiscent of models such as the 8C Competizione.

On the front, the new floating ‘Scudetto’ shield stands out, no longer a part of the bumper but a distinctive element. The lower part includes two main side air intakes which together with the shield create what is known as the Trilobo. In the upper part of the front, notable features include ‘3+3’ headlights inspired by the SZ Zagato and the Proteo concept car.

The ‘3+3’ headlights, with new full-LED adaptive matrix were developed in conjunction with Marelli, the three modules make up a unique frontline for the car and simultaneously provide daylight, dynamic turn signals and a ‘welcome and goodbye’ feature (activated when the driver turns the car on or off). The Tonale sees the introduction of new lighting technology including; Adaptive Driving Beam which constantly adjusts the dipped headlights according to speed and specific driving conditions; Glare-Free High Beam Segmented Technology which automatically detects traffic in front and traveling in the opposite direction to avoid glare from other cars; a third module which is automatically activated when turning corners to ensure the best lateral lighting. These technologies offer greater efficiency – in terms of durability and energy saving, with twice the light intensity of conventional halogen lamps and lower emissions – and improved safety, with less eye strain and better driving comfort.

The light unit is once again the star at the rear. It reworks the proposal made in the concept car, in a kind of sine curve that passes from either side of the rear and becomes the unequivocal light signature of the Tonale. The roundness and, now classic, fold in the lower centerline shape of the rear window characterises the car’s upper rear volume, in a sporty yet elegant way evoking iconic cars like the 8C Competizione where the daylight opening (DLO), the edges of the side windows and the top of the rear window meet.

The new teledial alloy wheels, much appreciated on the concept car, now feature on the production model. This is the reworking of the perforated telephone dial theme, the result of an evolution that began in the 1960s with iconic cars like the 33 Stradale. Over time the perforations have gradually been increased in size, first to adapt to technical solutions and concepts, then more and more closely related to needs for brake cooling, lightness and resistance. The Tonale is available with a choice of 17, 18, 19 and 20-inch alloy wheels to enhance the model’s silhouette.

The interior design of the Tonale draws inspiration from the racing heritage of Alfa Romeo, evoking its passion, courtesy of its dynamic and powerful forms. The lines balance harmony and effort, and there is a tangible feeling that the entire vehicle is always ready to go.

Everything is driver-centric, even though the interior is also designed for the comfort of passengers. The driver’s seat has been tailored like fabric, with the diagonal tunnel, slightly undulating dashboards and instruments facing the driver. All the controls are at the driver’s fingertips and easily accessible, both the physical ones and the digital controls, accessed from the central display. As such, customers can enjoy an engaging driving experience free of distractions, where passion and safety coexist.

The characteristic elements of the new model include the telescopic instrument panel, with its clear Alfa Romeo stylistic matrix, and the compact steering wheel which ensures a precise and direct steering feel. The wheel is also embellished by the exclusive aluminium shift paddles.

The new D.N.A. driving mode selector, slim central air conditioning vents and external turbine shaped vents, the central tunnel and handles are embellished with a diamond texture inspired by precision mechanical processing with laser engraving. The dashboard also includes an insert with a backlight effect, so when the panel is off a graphic appears and when on the graphic vanishes and a new background is shown, using the multicoloured backlight. The same 3D features can be seen in the seat fabrics, from the basic versions all the way to the gradient effect with contrasting background colour in Alcantara and vegan leather, on the highest-spec versions. The ergonomic seats are perfect for everyday use, upholstered in a neoprene fabric commonly seen in sportswear. The interior of the Tonale is an extraordinary, inclusive experience, made possible by an immersive, welcoming passenger compartment with the dynamic features appreciated by fans of driving.

The Alfa Romeo Tonale is fitted with a range of efficient hybrid engines that highlight the brand’s concrete commitment to a future oriented toward sustainable mobility. With the Tonale the brand has not simply adapted to the new standards, it has reinterpreted its DNA in the direction of energy, harmony with the environment, efficiency and intuitiveness when managing driving modes. This new technology means the Tonale can ensure an authentic hybrid experience. Two levels of electrification are available – hybrid and plug-in hybrid, marking the first step in the process to electrifying the Alfa Romeo line-up.

The 160hp hybrid Variable-Geometry Turbo (VGT) engine makes its exclusive debut in the Tonale. This version is equipped with front-wheel drive and a new hybrid technology. Its variable-geometry turbocharger, paired with a seven-speed Alfa Romeo TCT dual-clutch transmission and the 48-volt 15kW 55Nm P2 electric motor, makes it possible for the 1.5-litre petrol engine to propel the wheels even when the internal combustion engine is turned off. Alfa Romeo has opted for this technical solution to offer an authentic electrified experience. The transmission enables startup and travel in electric mode at low speeds and when parking and cruising, ensuring the typical performance of a petrol engine but with consumption (petrol and electric combined) comparable to a diesel engine, with an extremely linear power delivery and consistent acceleration.

The entry point to the Tonale world is the 130hp hybrid version, the new four-cylinder 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine with 130hp and 240Nm of torque, paired with the exclusive seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and built-in 48-volt 15kW and 55Nm ‘P2’ electric motor.

Top performance is guaranteed by the exclusive 275hp plug-in hybrid Q4, the most powerful version in the line-up in terms of performance and level of electrification. The advanced hybrid system combines the 1.3-litre MultiAir turbo petrol engine, from the Global Small Engine family, to provide traction to the front wheels while the electric motor is connected to the rear wheels. The system has a 15.5kWh battery and delivers a total output of 275hp. This makes it the sportiest offering in its class, with zero to 62mph in just 6.2 seconds. The plug-in hybrid version is equipped with Q4 all-wheel drive for an unparalleled level of safety and driving pleasure. The Tonale Q4 is also the most efficient plug-in hybrid C-SUV, with an electric range of up to 80km* on the city cycle and over 60km* on the combined cycle. In the name of maximum efficiency, a full battery charge takes 2.5 hours when using the 7.4kW fast charger.

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