BMW Jubilee animation

As the nation gears up to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, BMW are announcing that millions of BMW vehicles across the UK will receive a royally jovial animation to showcase the spirit of the celebrations taking place across the country.

The special limited-edition animation takes us from the Giant’s Causeway to Tenby and the Scottish Highlands, ending in London with a special celebratory street party. Each scene will bring these locations to life and embodies the atmosphere of the Platinum Jubilee.

The animation will be available to UK customers with vehicles equipped with Operating System 7 and 8 from Thursday 2nd June until Sunday 5th June.

Upon starting the car, a special banner in the Control Display will appear. Clicking on this banner activates the programme’s crowning glory, commencing the full-screen celebratory animation.

The BMW Group became one of the first manufacturers worldwide to introduce Remote Software Upgrades in 2019. Today, it is able to modify every single line of programming code in its upgrade-compatible vehicles. This increasingly gives customers the option of adding functions later, as needed, or activating them for a limited time.

BMW is constantly expanding this offering through “BMW ConnectedDrive Upgrades” – for example, for driver assistance systems or comfort functions. Since the number of eligible vehicles increases with every new BMW model, more than 3.3 million BMW cars worldwide with Operating System 7 and 8 are now upgrade-compatible.

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