Six Top Reasons Why it’s a Good Time to Sell Your Second-Hand Car

Want to sell your car and wonder whether now is a good time to do so? If you are currently considering selling your car, then here are some excellent reasons to do so.

1. Prices Are Currently High

According to one respected car industry index (Tooze, 2022),

 the average sum paid for a three-year-old vehicle in June 2022 reached an all-time high. Indeed, it is estimated that selling a car of that age at the moment would mean achieving a sales price that is well over 20 per cent what the equivalent three-year-old model would have achieved this time last year. Five-year-old cars, although worth less than younger models, are valued at over a third higher than they would have been in 2021. To put this as simply as possible, you won’t get a better price for your second-hand car if you choose to sell it now.

2. New Cars Are Coming On Stream

One of the reasons that used car prices have been at historic highs over the last couple of years is that there has been a dearth in new car production. Essentially, the pandemic caused a huge amount of disruption with both the production and global distribution of brand new cars. As such, many people were forced into the used car market, pushing up demand and, therefore, prices. However, such pandemic-related problems are no longer so severe. As such, the market is normalising once more and should soon return to pre-pandemic levels.

3. Car Valuations May Have Reached Their Peak

New car production allied with more and more people returning to public transport services means that many industry insiders believe that second-hand car valuations are currently at their peak (Prez, 2022) . Numerous sources now say that the second half of 2022 will see a cooling of second-hand car prices. Therefore, if you want to sell your car and get the best price possible for it, you shouldn’t delay.

4. Getting a Valuation Has Never Been Easier

In the past, having your car valued was a troublesome business. All too often, car owners would take their vehicle to a dealer where they were thinking about buying a different model. However, trade-in prices are notoriously poor deals, especially if your car is five years or older. With Sell My Car Essex, on the other hand, it takes moments to get a fair valuation for your car. Just enter a few details and you can get a no-obligation price for it. Remember that you don’t have to sell your car to us but one thing is for sure – we guarantee to offer you a competitive price.

5. Fast Payments Made Directly to Your Bank Account

If you sell your second-hand car to a professional, like Sell My Car Essex, then you can expect to be paid with an electronic transfer of funds. The law used to allow dealers to operate in cash or cheques but this is no longer the case. As such, now is a great time to sell your car safe in the knowledge that you won’t get ripped off thanks to a transaction you can verify with your bank. Please note that private second-hand car buyers can still offer alternative payment methods so selling your car to a professional is preferable nowadays.

6. Have Your Second-Hand Car Collected

Another good thing about selling second-hand cars these days is that they will be collected for you. This does away with the hassle of having to drive it to a dealer or a private seller and then arrange your transport away. For this reason alone, many people agree that there has never been a better time to sell their cars.

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