‘The Next Day’ concept car

 Envisage Group (Envisage), the UK’s leading engineering concept design and realisation company, has confirmed it made the revered and much discussed Lynk & Co ‘The Next Day’ concept car. Leveraging the full suite of its capabilities, Envisage took a solution-based approach to realise the Lynk & Co ‘The Next Day’ concept for global media, stakeholder and customer unveilings in 2022.

Produced under the strictest confidence, ‘The Next Day’ marks another benchmark in the brand’s rise, built to showcase the design talents and capabilities of the Lynk & Co team in Gothenburg, Sweden. With the brief of showcasing the future design and key storytelling moments, such as how night falls into day, and how a car can be used for a multitude of hybrid activities (commuting, holidays); Lynk & Co’s design team worked with Envisage to turn its vision into a physical showcase.

Unveiled on 6 June 2022 in China, Envisage Group was responsible for making two show concept properties for the brand, the latter to be displayed at the new European HQ of Geely Design in Gothenberg, Sweden. Engineered, manufactured and assembled in-house from its Coventry-based sites in 16 weeks, Envisage Group operates in both the UK and US.

Simon Lamarre, Lynk & Co Head of Prospective Design, said: “Envisage approached the project with three indominable qualities – collaboration, transparency and problem solving. Their array of talents under one roof and extensive network meant that even when things changed, Envisage found a way to make it happen, maintain the integrity of the programme and deal with challenges that some just wouldn’t get involved with.

“What really stood out was the way we became one team; working tirelessly to achieve a common goal. The collaboration has been a great success, delivering two outstanding properties [show vehicles] that have drawn global acclaim and widespread complement.”

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