New My Ami Tonic by Citroën

‘My Ami Tonic’ is Citron’s latest all-electric urban mobility solution.With a new khaki and yellow colour scheme, My Ami Tonic showcases Ami 100% electric’s design and personalisation options.

My Ami Tonic features new headlamp bezels, inspired by sunglasses, and comes with a new khaki and yellow colour scheme with bespoke wheel trims as well as decorative roof rails.

In keeping with the fun spirit of Ami 100% ëlectric, My Ami Tonic features “+” and “-“ interior stickers on the A-pillars to highlight its 100% electric nature. The yellow accents are mirrored inside, with the door pulls, bag hook and the two front panel recesses also finished in vibrant yellow, contrasting with khaki accents on the dashboard storage bins and in the door net surround. Yellow directional arrows are used in a fun way to guide passengers on how to use features such as the door handles and windows.

My Ami Tonic is priced from £8,695.

New My Ami Tonic by Citroën Copyright Maison Vignaux @ Continental Productions

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