New Citroën oli concept

Citroën oli concept

Citroën oli concept is designed to do the same for family mobility that Ami achieved for personal urban mobility.Furthermore, oli serves as a precursor to Citroen’s electric vehicle concepts and innovations.

Citroën oli is a conceptual multi-activity family vehicle with sustainability at its heart and demonstrates how ‘best-in-class’ Life-Cycle-Assessment (LCA) can be achieved, from conception with restrained, optimal use of lightweight and recycled materials, to sustainable production processes, and from durability for an extended ‘life in service’ to responsible end-of-life recyclability. 

Thoughtful details are found throughout. The seats, for example, are simply constructed and use 80% less parts than a traditional seat. They are made of recycled materials and clever ‘mesh’ backrest designs enhance the natural light inside the vehicle. They can also be easily upgraded or personalised to suit the taste of individual owners.

By using lightweight materials, Oli can extend the range of the 40kWh battery on board to up to 248 miles between charges.Through the use of lightweight materials, oli can extend the range of the 40kWh battery on board to up to 248 miles between charges.

Striking and clearly making a statement, oli’s unconventional stance and silhouette exude personality, productivity and positivity in a footprint similar to a compact SUV at 4.20m long, 1.65m high and 1.90m wide.

It defies traditional labelling. oli can be whatever it needs to be – family limo, urban explorer, adventure vehicle, workmate, or even an extension to the family home thanks to its ability to power everyday appliances.

Instead of a full dashboard with multiple screens and hidden computers, oli features a single symmetrical ‘beam’ running across the width of the console and features the steering column, a smartphone dock, and five clearly identified toggle switches for the air conditioning system in the centre.

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