New Alpine A110 R: radical performance

All-new Alpine A110 R: radical performance

‘Radical’ is the only word to describe the car that sits at the top of the A110 line-up as extreme, light, streamlined, and more motor sports inspired than ever.

The first main difference with the A110 R is seen through the extensive work put in to reducing its overall weight down to as little as 1,082kg – 34kg less than the A110 S. Its aerodynamic performance has been enhanced for greater downforce and reduced drag. For the first time ever on the A110 range, some parts (e.g. the bonnet, rear window, and diffuser) have been redesigned specifically for the new model. The exclusive improvements made to the chassis, along with the 1.8L 300HP motor, and race-car interior, feed into the heightened radical feel that make the driving experience more intense than ever before.

Taking just 3.9 seconds to go from 0-100km/h, the All-new Alpine A110 R pushes the boundaries of sports cars. Building off the brand’s commitment to motor sports, the design phase involved direct input from top-level experts and is more than ready to beat the clock when it takes to the racetrack. Made in France at the Manufacture Alpine Dieppe Jean Rédélé, this latest car marks the beginning of a new chapter for the brand’s expertise in motor sports.

Orders for the All-new Alpine A110 R will begin in October 2022.

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