Honda e-Ny1 all electric compact SUV first drive

Honda e-Ny1 all electric compact SUV

Honda is revamping its range of offerings as the new era in electric mobility approaches, but it’s also keeping some tried and tested models.

With 13 of the top 20 UK new model registrations now SUVs, in a sector that has grown to almost 56% of annual registrations, Honda could not ignore what buyers want.

It’s city-car Honda e, which has not been selling well, has now been joined by the confusingly branded e:Ny1 compact SUV bringing more room and range for families and hence wider appeal.

It might also assist Honda in selling 22% electric models across its range as mandated by the EU from early 2024.

It arrives with five years servicing and warranty along with UK and European roadside assistance over the same period.

Honda e:Ny1, which has already been taken to mean Honda Anyone, will be sold in Elegance and Advance versions, with the more expensive model getting glass roof,  parking  pilot, powered tailgate, multi-view camera, upgraded audio and heating wheel.

Elegance models cost from just under £45,000 while the Advance is approximately £2,200 more with black standard colour and white, red, grey or topaz £650 more. But these prices appear to be very high in this growing competitive sector where new brands from China including MG, Ora and BYD as well as European manufactures introducing lower costs all-electric models. Citroen for instance last week announced their forthcoming e-C3 Crossover with prices starting from around £23k. Expect Peugeot to be just as competitive with their e-208/e-2008 all electric versions also due soon.

With the Honda e:Ny1 newcomer, customers get e:progress, an over-the-air charging programme which works with existing home chargers to always use lower costs, clean and green-energy at off-peak times and there is a special deal for a customer fitting a home charger for the first time.

Honda say the newcomer can cover over 250 miles range with it taking 45mins to be boosted from 10-80% for electric power. It features a water-cooled battery for optimum consistent power delivery so its life should be extended.

Although having a profile similar to the larger HRV and using the same doors, the e:Ny1 sits on a new platform with 150kW/ 204ps  front motor drivetrain and battery housed low under the floor to maximise interior space.

Top speed is approximately 100mph and 0-62mph takes 7.6 secs.. On our brief test of country roads and a bit of motorway we saw power drain at approx. 3.7 m/kwh, suggesting a real overall range of about 200 miles.

The 15.1 inch infotainment screen dominates the console and is packed with features, maybe too many for some taste, but the mode controls are simple.

It has reasonable pickup, steers and stops well, with safe and surefooted handling, a fairly good ride over all but the worst surfaces and was roomy. Most of the time it was quiet except when coping with poor tarmac and under hard throttle the motor could be heard whining away.

It is potentially a worthy addition to the Honda range although a very pricey one against similar sized electric competitors. By Robin Roberts Miles Better News Agency

Brief facts:

Model:Honda e:Ny1 Advance
Powertrain:62kWh battery, 1x e-motor
Transmission:Single-speed auto, front-wheel drive
0-62mph:7.6 seconds
Top speed:99mph
Range:256 miles
Charging:78kW, 10-80% in 45 mins

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