New Dacia Spring

New Dacia Spring

Dacia’s first all-electric model, Spring is widely credited for making electric mobility accessible to all. First launched in 2021, it was the third most sold electric car to retail customers in 2022 and 2023. In total, more than 140,000 Dacia Spring have been registered worldwide since its launch.

Spring’s energy efficiency and carbon footprint were particularly praised in 2022, when it was awarded the maximum 5-star rating from the independent European organisation Green NCAP.

Dacia Spring is the perfect solution for people looking for simple, affordable and efficient zero-emission mobility. Data collected via the vehicle’s on-board connected systems shows that the average daily trip made by Spring drivers covers just 23 miles, at an average speed of only 23 mph. In 75% of cases, cars are recharged at home.

The Dacia Spring has always found its audience because it has constantly evolved since its launch, with a new brand identity in 2022, then a more powerful 65 hp motor in 2023. Today, the All-New Dacia Spring passes another milestone, taking those qualities that made it a success to the next level.

It is even more attractive than ever, with an entirely renewed and more robust design, and yet still as practical, with exceptional interior storage space for its segment. It is more efficient, thanks to carefully managed weight, while remaining the most affordable full-electric model on the market.

The highly structured, highly constructed volumes of Dacia’s new design style give renewed strength to Spring. A powerful look that comes from a clean, simple, pared-back silhouette, such as that seen on the highly sculpted bonnet.

The new Dacia identity is evident in the two black bands, one at the front, the other at the rear, which meet in a glossy finish, with specific matte stripes at the rear. The two strips are framed by the brand’s iconic Y-shaped light signature, which is particularly striking with the full-LED daytime running lights at the front and the parking lights at the rear.

The modern design on the All-New Spring is underpinned by decals featuring a contemporary style that adorn the front and rear bumpers on the Extreme trim. The 15-inch wheels, fitted with highly crafted wheel covers, add to the robust feel.

True to the Dacia philosophy, the All-New Spring cultivates a clever and durable design. This is evidenced, for example, by the lower-door side protections which are light, affordable, easy to install, and easy to replace. As with all new Dacia models, decorative chrome parts have been removed, mitigating further impact on the environment. The same for the roof bars, as they are generally redundant on a small car used mainly for short trips; removing them helps lower the car’s weight, make it more aerodynamic, and therefore improve its range.

The All-New Spring is available in a range of six shades, including newly introduced Brick Red and Beige Safari colours.

The dashboard has been totally reinvented, both to incorporate elements from Dacia’s new interior design language, with its emblematic horizontal architecture, and to also integrate a new range of digital screens. Spring now features a customisable digital dashboard with a 7-inch display on all versions as well as a 10-inch multimedia central display in higher trim level models. The colour palette and materials used for the interior have been reworked to offer superior quality, while reducing the diversity of options to better manage costs – key to the Dacia philosophy.

The All-New Spring also features full-body white elements that help create a fresh, modular atmosphere. They are located around the instrument cluster, gear stick, and door bins. The iconic Dacia “Y”, located at the heart of the central air vents, is in white (or copper on the Extreme trim). The central decorative accent on the instrument panel varies by trim: Alto Gray on Essential, Brick Red on Expression, Dusty Khaki on Extreme.

The All-New Spring is designed to be practical. The large multimedia touch screen has been positioned as high as possible for optimal ergonomics. The graphic design on the customisable digital dashboard with 7-inch display has been designed to be simple and intuitive, giving the driver ready access to essential information. What’s more, the All-New Spring features innovative YouClip accessory mounts, revealed recently on the All-New Duster. Finally, the Extreme trim comes with sturdy, rubber floor mats and door sills with unique ‘topographic lines’ design.

All-New Dacia Spring will open on 12 March 2024, with prices announced the same day.

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