New McLaren Artura Spider

McLaren Artura Spider

McLaren today reveals the new Artura Spider, its first-ever convertible with a high-performance hybrid powertrain and the second Artura model. The new Spider is introduced with significant upgrades to power, performance and driver engagement, which combine with the sensory pleasures of open-top driving to add a remarkable new dimension to the Artura.

Further elevating the Artura’s next-generation supercar performance, the enhancements engineered for the Spider have also been incorporated into the Artura coupe, with a new model introduced simultaneously. Both new Spider and new coupe deliver the highest levels of dynamic performance – up to and including outstanding circuit ability –  as well as meeting the requirements of regular driving and offering the near-silent electric-drive so beneficial in urban environments.

The new Artura Spider was designed and developed to ambitious targets across the board, with particular focus on driver engagement, performance, agility, refinement, efficiency and quality. The additional attraction of a retractable hard-top that operates electrically in just 11 seconds to provide a full convertible experience, ensures intoxicating supercar exhilaration.

The new Artura Spider has a dry lightest weight of just 1,457kg, with kerbweight (DIN) of only 1,560kg – just 62kg more than the Artura coupe. These figures position the new Spider as easily the lightest among convertible competition, enjoying an advantage of up to 83kg.

McLaren’s high-performance hybrid powertrain has been recalibrated, with an additional 20PS from the V6 combustion engine* on the MY25 Artura, increasing overall power to 700PS. The additional power is focused from 4,000rpm to the redline at 8,500rpm, providing a marked ‘crescendo’ in performance. Peak torque value remains at a muscular 720Nm, its delivery optimised by minor changes to electronic mapping. This engine recalibration will also be made available free-of-charge to existing Artura owners** via their McLaren Retailer.

The 3.0-litre M630 dry-sump aluminium petrol engine, which now achieves in excess of 200PS per litre, is extremely compact and lightweight – at just 160kg it weighs 50kg less than a McLaren V8 and is significantly shorter, enhancing packaging efficiency. The dimensions are made possible by a 120-degree V angle design that also aids a low centre of gravity. The engine design reduces pressure losses through the exhaust system as well as allowing for a stiffer crankshaft and in turn a rev limit of 8,500rpm. The free-revving nature of the V6 engine is supported by the twin-turbochargers being located within the ‘hot vee’, positioning that enables them to spin more rapidly, improving throttle response.

The Artura has four powertrain drive modes: Comfort, Sport and Track, plus the electric only, emissions-free E-mode. Comfort mode combines electric and hybrid drive for extended stop and start driving with the combustion engine shut off at low speeds and redeployed when speeds or acceleration inputs demand. Sport and Track modes use the electric motor in an increasingly aggressive manner for low-end response and acceleration (‘torque infill’) and incorporate sharper gearshift strategies. Track mode delivers the highest high-voltage battery recharge rate. E-mode – which is the default ‘start’ mode – has been refined to provide greater emissions-free driving range.

The visual design and architecture of the new Spider make it immediately recognisable as an Artura, despite the integration of the Retractable Hard Top (RHT) and the changes this brings. The ‘shrink-wrapped’, sculpted bodywork; signature ‘hammerhead’ nose; integrated front fender louvres; and headlight air intakes are all familiar yet still striking – as too are the dihedral doors that open close to the body to allow easy access and egress in tight parking spaces.

The cabin of the new Artura Spider – trimmed in performance or luxury materials according to the driver’s preference – retains the purposeful, driver-focused design of the coupe. The ‘clean’ steering wheel is free of buttons and controls, aside from the sculpted gearshift paddles which move with the wheel for optimal driver ergonomics. The driver display binnacle, which moves with the column when adjusted for reach or rake to ensure all driving information is always within the driver’s eyeline, also houses the controls to select Handling and Powertrain modes, allowing changes – including an easy switch between electric and hybrid drive – without taking hands off the steering wheel. The screen display of the binnacle focuses on key information to minimise driver distraction, and further has a stealth mode that hides non-essential content, reducing distractions and promoting full concentration on the road ahead.

The new Artura Spider and new Artura coupe – which are both designated 2025 model year (‘MY25’) – are available to order now, with first deliveries from mid-year depending on region.

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