New Citroen C4 Cactus

Citroën C4 CactusBoasting a striking design, the New Citroën C4 Cactus stands out from its rivals in the competitive C segment, offering a unique style that is both functional and attractive.


The New Citroën C4 Cactus reconciles the characteristics of good looks and functionality, with unique styling that is both memorable and easily identifiable. This is a design that features:

– Pure, smooth surfaces
– Flowing lines, free of harsh edges
– Floating quarter-lights & a floating roof
– A high-tech light signature with daytime-running LED lights & headlights built into the Airbump® protection at the front
– Visual features that each highlight a given function – from Airbump® & wheel arch protection to the strong useable roof bars and the large panoramic glazed roof with its advanced heat protection.

Citroën C4 CactusCitroën C4 CactusInside the low dashboard, with its horizontal lines, creates more space for the front passenger and offers generous and easily accessible storage. This result was achieved by adopting a fully-digital interface and optimising the dashboard layout:

– ‘Airbag In Roof’ technology – transferring the passenger airbag to the roof & deploying it over the windscreen, rather than positioning it in the dashboard

– Conventional control buttons replaced by a 7-inch touchscreen, grouping together all the main vehicle functions (including the air conditioning, media, navigation, vehicle settings, telephone, connectivity & driving aids)

– The traditional instrument cluster replaced by a digital screen

– On Efficient Tronic Gearbox (ETG) versions, the gear lever is replaced by an ‘Easy Push’ system.

This simplified function comprises a ‘Drive, Neutral, Reverse’ (D,N,R) selection control on the lower fascia and steering wheel paddles to allow the driver to change gears manually.

The driver and front passenger both gain from this new interior architecture. The wide front seats are designed in the style of a sofa, to create a more comfortable and user-friendly ambience in the cabin.

In the rear, passenger legroom is similar to that of the Citroën C4. With an equivalent wheelbase, New C4 Cactus provides the same amount of space, but with more compact exterior dimensions. At just 4.16m long – for easy driving and handling in the city – the New Citroën C4 Cactus also provides generous boot capacity of 358-litres.

The second way to enhance comfort is through the on-board environment, which should be both relaxed and elegant. The clean design lines of the cabin underpin the interior styling, while the overall effect evokes the theme of travel, with a nod to the world of luggage design, including:

– Door handles that take the form of luggage inspired leather straps
– A storage compartment on the top part of the dashboard, with hinge fittings & a relief pattern
– Seat upholstery, door trim & dashboard in a choice of three colours; Stone Grey, Purple Highlight & Habana Highlight

Technology is a important factor of the car and fitted as standard, a 7-inch touchscreen featuring seven main control buttons gives access to a full range of modern vehicle functions, including:

– Automatic air conditioning
– Media (digital radio, audio streaming, connection of mobile devices & functions to store music or display photos)
– Navigation (speed limit display, traffic updates & efficient route options)
– Driving aids (reversing camera, Park Assist, programmable speed limiter & cruise control)
– Telephone (hands-free function via Bluetooth®, phonebook access, display of profile photos & double call management)
– Connected services (Citroën Multicity Connect portal via a 3G connection)
– Parameter settings (including an interactive on-board manual).

All these controls are grouped on a single screen, ensuring they are always easily accessible.

Amongst the useful technologies is the Citroën Multicity Connect application portal. Controlled from the 7-inch touchscreen, this portal offers a range of apps designed to making life easier for all occupants. Applications include:
– ‘Fuel’ app, allowing motorists to find the nearest and/or cheapest service station
– ‘Yellow Pages’ & ‘Trip Advisor’ apps, which help to locate hotels & restaurants
– ‘Michelin Traffic’ app, providing live traffic information
– ‘Coyote’ app, providing alerts on high-risk roads

All applications are fully integrated with the driving interface, taking account of all vehicle-related information (position, speed, route, fuel level, etc.), to provide the right information at the right time and anticipating driver needs in all circumstances.

To reduce fuel consumption it is important to increase efficiency and to do away with the superfluous. By making the vehicle lighter, Citroën has been able to adopt smaller latest-generation engines, which reduce fuel consumption whilst maximising driveability.

Citroën C4 CactusThe New Citroën C4 Cactus weighs just 965kg, 200kg less overall compared with a Citroën C4, a reduction achieved thanks to:

– A compact, lightweight platform
– Small latest-generation engines meeting the future Euro 6 standard (PureTech petrol & BlueHDi diesel with Stop & Start)

– High-performance materials including very high yield-strength steel & aluminium front & rear beams
– Weight-reducing features such as an aluminium bonnet, pop-out rear windows (-11kg) & a single-piece folding rear bench (-6kg)

– As a result, the New Citroën C4 Cactus is available with a petrol version emitting less than 100g/km of CO2 and a diesel version emitting just 82g/km with impressive fuel consumption of 91.1mpg.

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