How Dash Cams Assist In Preventing Crash Frauds

Dash CamCrash for cash is one of the most heinous crimes, which is hitting the Car insurance industry with the damage of over than £392 million every year

 In context of this unscrupulous offence, insurance experts have revealed out an interesting data that every seventh car accident is somewhat associated with crash for cash and the misdeed is elevating around 50 pounds of cost on each and every insurance for recovery.

You might be an honest driver who follows every traffic rule but it will be a harshly complicated scenario if a swindler tries to cheat you by causing a deliberate accident and then making you responsible for his loss. Tackling this hassle is not that difficult, all you need is to act smart and get an authentically responsive dash cam installed. Let’s have a view on the most crucial aspects which assist you in dealing against crash for cash with an active support of a smart dash cam.

Basic utilities
Dash cam is an easy to operate gizmo, which can be easily mounted on any area inside your car. Its compact structure and stupendous traits including auto loop recording and 3 axis G shock Sensor are amazingly beneficial in providing highly authentic evidences during a staged accident. If you ever get stuck in a situation where you are being dragged forcefully to pay for any damages without any fault from your end, look out for the recordings done by your smart dash cam and project them in front of the cops.

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You can easily read out the name plates and check on the cars which actually caused some damage. If you prove your innocence with the videos displayed by your dash cam then the trickster will be definitely behind the bars for the disgraceful act.

Appreciation by Car insurers
There is no doubt on the fact that dash cams are meticulously significant in providing the most accurate evidences during a crash for identifying the driver who caused an accident deliberately or unfortunately. Not only fake such clashes, you can even keep a firm check on the cyclists who act smart to project that you caused an accident by mistake and ought to pay for their damages.

According to some credible reports, it has come out that 2 percent of the captured videos result in settlements of disputed claims. Many insurance companies have also come ahead to pat up dash cash subscribers by facilitating additional advantages and rebates. There are car insurance enterprises in Europe which help in saving around 20 percent on your policy if your car is equipped with a smart dash cam.

Frauds in your absence
You must have witnessed the unfortunate scenario with yourself when your car got smashed by someone at a parking place. Hit and run cases have increased to a great extent and dash cam with a parking mode recording feature is the only source which can provide you the most genuine evidences. Such incidents could also be planned for claiming easy money from the insurance companies.

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