How to keep your car in great condition all year round

tyreWith the weather ever changing in the UK, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with what Mother Nature is preparing to throw at you.


Of course, this makes it difficult to do a number of things – including keeping your car in the best possible condition.

It’s amazing the impact the weather can have on your car, so it’s important to keep it well maintained throughout the year.

Here are some simple tips for making sure your car runs soundly whatever the season.


Winter roadPossibly the most testing season for cars is winter. The ice and snow can make it a nightmare to drive, while freezing temperatures can cause some real damage to your vehicle.

Antifreeze is your best friend during the colder months. Use it in your windscreen washer fluid and keep some in the boot to use on your car windows in the morning.

Remember to check your headlights, rear lights, fog lights, brake lights and reversing lights, as these are especially important in dark and foggy days.

Make sure your brakes are working properly and ensure your tyres have sufficient grip. A simple test for the latter is to place a 20p coin in the deepest tread depth. If you can see the outer band of the coin, your tyres will need to be replaced.

You could also consider an investment in winter tyres to give you just that little bit more grip on the roads.

It is also advised to use your air conditioning system as regularly as possible in the winter months to avoid problems with the system in the future.

Luckily for BMW drivers, a visit to a BMW servicing centre can ensure you’re fully prepared for any inclement weather.

Among the BMW servicing options are renewal of brake pads, fluid and discs; renewal of wiper blade rubbers; renewal of air conditioning filters; and a full vehicle check.


Car windowThe last of the freezing cold weather should have left by now, but it is still advised to carry on with tyre, air conditioning and brake checks, as well as keeping the antifreeze handy.

Spring usually brings the showers, so quality tyres are still a must on the potentially wet and slippery roads.


Here’s hoping that the air conditioning will be put to full use in the warmer temperatures. You’ll be glad for giving the system regular blasts during the colder months or getting a full air conditioning service.

The summer is all about making sure your car is clean and looking great, so you can flaunt it to the full when you are out and about.

Give it a regular wash, and if you have the time on a weekend, give it the full wax treatment for that extra sparkle in the sun.

Switching from winter to summer tyres is also a good idea to deal with the changing demands of the roads.


Wet roads could become an issue once more, so checking your brakes and tread depth on your tyres is a must.

Fallen leaves and mud can also make roads a little bit more treacherous, so be careful when on country roads in particular.

Having fully working window wipers is especially important in autumn, not only for the rain but also for removing leaves from the windscreen when on the move.

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