10 Of The Weirdest Uses For A Land Rover

Land Rover (photo by Flickr: landrovermena)Land Rover is one of those British car brands that we all know and love. The Land Rover brand also covers the luxurious Range Rover line of SUVs. It is, without a doubt, one of the most sought-after car marques in the United States.


Americans buy Land Rover vehicles for all sorts of reasons. Some buy them because they look great. Whereas others want robust and capable SUVs that make capable workhorses.

But did you know that some people buy Land Rover vehicles for a bunch of weird and wonderful reasons? The following ten examples are just a small subset of what people do with their Land Rovers!

1. People use them as ALL-terrain vehicles

Land Rover (photo by Pinterest: Stuart Wise)

Pictured above is the “Cuthbertson Tracked Vehicle.” As you will notice, they have tracked wheels in place of four standard road wheels.

A Scottish man named James Cuthbertson developed this adaptation of the Land Rover Defender back in 1958. The “CTV” looks like the illegitimate love child of a Land Rover Defender and a tank!

Only 15 of these vehicles were ever produced, the last being in 1972. Are you are going on vacation to England some day? If so, stop by the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire, to see a surviving example of the CTV.

2. Even Land Rover Defenders can be “roadsters”

Land Rover (photo by Pinterest: Keiron Roberts)

The above unique Land Rover is a Bell Aurens Longnose. Some people think that a crackpot at Land Rover’s design department created this crazy concept in a drunken stupor. But the truth is, the idea for the car came from a couple of Land Rover enthusiasts in Germany!

The original plan was for it to have a V12 engine from a World War II Spitfire plane. But for safety reasons, they had to change plans and use a V8 Land Rover engine instead.

3. Who said that you can’t own a pink Range Rover?

Land Rover (photo by Pinterest: Alison J)

Even if you don’t like the color pink, you have to admit that this Range Rover looks pretty awesome!

The Hamann Mystere that you see above made its debut at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. It’s based on the new Range Rover and features a custom body kit. The 23-inch alloy wheels complement the chrome-pink wrap. And the car will doubtless turn heads wherever it goes.

4. Land Rover is the preferred car of choice by giants everywhere

Land Rover (photo by Pinterest: Charlotte)

If I were a giant, I think I would want this “car” to be my ride! OK, the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that it’s not a real Land Rover Defender.

The sad truth is that Land Rover did not build a special model to cater for the needs of today’s giants. It’s a transport museum exhibit in Liwa Oasis, an area in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

There are plenty of other photos of it online if you’d rather check it out from the comfort of your home computer!

5. They are good vehicles for surveillance operations

Land Rover (photo by Pinterest: Denise Neal)

If you look at the above photo from a distance, it’s not immediately obvious that there is a Land Rover in disguise!

There isn’t much information about the story behind this particular model. All we know is that people have seen it in Stanmer Park, Brighton (England). Do you have any information about this model? Feel free to drop us a line and we can update this blog post entry.

6. Land Rovers look good IN the office

Land Rover (photo by Pinterest: Shirley Anderson)

I’ve seen this photo doing the rounds for a while now. There doesn’t seem to be any background information available on it.

It looks like the parts used to make this office desk came from a Land Rover Discovery donor at some point. It’s an alternative to those engine coffee tables that you often see for sale on the Internet.

If you blank out the top-half of that photo, you might not be able to tell whether you are looking at a whole car or not!

7. Land Rovers aren’t just driven by humans…

Land Rover (photo by Pinterest: Land Rover Roaring Fork)

So I’ve talked about humans and giant humans with Land Rover vehicles. But I haven’t mentioned anything about elephants… until now!

According to Barry from Saxton 4×4, the above photo is of Kam the elephant behind the wheel of a Series I Land Rover. Crowds flocked to see him at the Bertram Mills Circus in the UK. The amazing thing is that Kam drove the car himself. That was thanks to several adaptations including a central steering wheel.

He could only drive the car in first gear though, and he spent a lot of time driving it around the campsite.

8. Range Rover: a car marque fit for a queen

Land Rover (photo by Pinterest: Kate Murphy)

Who’s that behind the wheel of that Range Rover in the photograph above? Why it’s Queen Elizabeth II, driving around her Balmoral estate in Scotland!

About a year ago, the Queen got snapped driving her Range Rover and attempting to disguise herself by wearing a hooded sweater. Unfortunately for her, the hooded sweater made her stick out like a sore thumb!

9. The Range Rover Evoque could make an awesome-looking convertible

Land Rover (photo by Pinterest: Tom Walsh)

Range Rover SUVs are not something you would ever find in convertible format. But if the British car maker decided to make a convertible, the Range Rover Evoque would make the perfect candidate for the job!

The concept convertible was first unveiled to the world back in 2012. Motoring enthusiasts spotted it in the wild driving through the streets of London. It was then unveiled at an official debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

10. Some people use Range Rovers as stretched limos

Land Rover (photo by Pinterest: SEMY GARAGE)

It’s no secret that people use stretched versions of cars as limousines. But you might not have seen a stretched Range Rover limousine before!

I can’t find out any information about this particular pink limo. Do you know who owns it, or the story behind it? Feel free to contact us with some details and we’ll add it in!

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