What is the best car related gift you can give for Christmas

Toy carWhen I was nipper there was nothing else on my mind apart from cars.

I had a Red Lamborghini Countach on a poster in one corner of my bedroom and a Porsche 911 Turbo in Black in the other, plus I had a large assortment of Matchbox toy cars all over my bedroom in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Let’s not also forget how I used to make model cars from Airfix models, although they never really featured all their parts, this was because I used to start off well, but used to rush to the end, so the model in question was really just a shell and four wheels.

Also, when I was asked what I wanted Santa to leave at the bottom of my bed on Christmas Eve, there was really only one answer that came from my mouth. ‘Anything with wheels I used to say’.

So, when I was asked the other day about what is the best car related gift you could give someone for Christmas, it was not too difficult to answer, because from a very young age I lived and breathed anything even remotely associated with cars.

My young son is also much the same, and has a similar taste for cars. There is a local toy and book shop by me called ‘The Works’ most Saturday’s while out doing the family shopping, my son will lead me every time into his fantastic adventures of toy and car related greatness .

Well enough about me, I am sure by now you would love to hear my top 10 car related gifts for Christmas 2014, so in no particular order.

1. Books on Supercars
2. AirFix Models: Morris Minor, Ford Escort etc.
3. Top Trump Supercars playing cards
4. Large car Poster for your bedroom wall
5. Scalextric Team Mini
6. Classic Cars Calendar 2015
7. Remote Control Car or Buggy
8. Haynes Combustion Engine Model Kit
9. Any Car related DVD
10. Lego Technic (but must be the race car version)
Of course, you will have you own list, but I am sure you will agree with me that this list would keep any budding car fanatic busy for a very long time. Enjoy!!

Merry Christmas…   Anthony Yates…

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