Good Egg Drivers

Christie Doran Future starlet of the race circuits Christie Doran is spending her time off the track wisely and is spending a lot of time with a charity called ‘Good Egg Drivers’ as an ambassador.

In this role she instructs new drivers and their parents that not every young driver on the road is a bad driver.

The 19 year old racer who had to sit behind the wheel of a car, learn how to drive and pass her race test within seven months is dedicated to teaching children about the dangers of driving. As well as the consequences that being deemed legal to operate a machine that can kill can bring when they haven’t properly learned the skills of the road.

She commented: “We are trying to send a message out to young drivers as I can engage with them more as I’m around the same age as them.”

The teenager who was born in Aberdeenshire but now lives in Falkirk will be travelling to various different schools throughout the 2015 season.

Upon visiting these schools she will be advising families on suggestions for what sort of things to consider when finding the right instructor, an in depth look into the test what to expect on both the theory and the practical side, along with key facts and figures to really emphasise the idea that being behind the wheel of a car is a luxury and is a serious matter not to be taken lightly.

Doran added: “We want to show that not all young drivers are bad drivers as there are a lot of good drivers out there. We will be doing around 100 school visits this year as they were very successful last year.

“Our aim is to show young drivers the dangers on the road to make them more aware for when they are driving. We show them the effects of speeding, drink and drug driving and also ways to pick a good driving instructor.” By Rebecca Diane James

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