Saloon shootout: The three best saloons of 2015

BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series A good saloon car should be suave, sophisticated, and as smooth as butter to drive.

These prestige motors are the kings of the executive car market, and their every aspect needs to evoke refinement, luxury, and excellence. They have to look right, drive right, and still be affordable to run, and that’s no easy feat to accomplish for the car manufacturers vying to produce the best of the best.

Yet some of these motoring masters have really stepped up to the plate in recent months, and with the year almost over, we look back at the sleekest, smoothest, and most superb saloons of 2015…

#1: BMW 320d

The BMW 3 Series is beloved of motorists everywhere, and the 320d is one of its strongest creations to date. Marrying the holy trinity of a prestige badge, economic running costs, and the smoothest and most comfortable of drives, this streamlined saloon is aesthetically pleasing, exquisitely luxurious, and has a power kick capable of knocking you back in your seat. Combine all of these qualities with its exceptional iDrive infotainment system, and you have one of the best and most sought after saloons on the market.

#2: Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia is an unsung hero of the saloon car sector, and all who own or drive one seem to fall for its charms. Their reaction is entirely unsurprising. Exquisitely designed, powerfully modelled, and luxurious both inside and out, it’s a car that’s guaranteed to turn heads wherever it goes. Yet there is more to this superb saloon than meets the eye. Reliable and versatile, it’s also magnificently crafted beneath its shining bonnet, with an engine that will not only go on and on, but also provide you with a stunningly smooth drive.

#3: Lexus IS300h

For those in search of something a little different, perhaps a hybrid will fit your criteria. Enter the Lexus IS300h: a sleek and superb saloon with deliciously low running costs. Incredibly popular already in America, this luxury brand is now starting to make its mark in the psyche of UK consumers, and its fantastic hybrid is doing a lot to enhance its reputation. With incredibly low CO2 emissions, the IS300h is the perfect company car, offering low taxation charges, low fuel costs, and a remarkably smooth drive perfect for transporting you all around the country. If you’re going to spend hours behind the wheel, then make sure it’s the wheel of this luxurious offering from Lexus.

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