New Citroën C3 supermini

Citroën C3

Citroën C3Today sees the global reveal of the New Citroën C3 – a fresh, bold and colourful B-segment, 5-door supermini that delivers new levels of advanced comfort and personality to the sector.

Citroën is renewing its best-selling C3 model, which has already sold more than 3.6 million examples since it was originally launched in 2002. New Citroën C3 is set to shake-up the market with its highly customisable character and the very latest automotive technologies, including a world premiere for ConnectedCAM Citroën™, an on-board HD camera that allows drivers to share their road-trip photos and videos directly with friends and family.

With a distinctive design, New C3 offers freshness, energy and personality that is unique to the supermini market. The striking new front-end gives a powerful impression of robustness, which continues along the body of the car, with fluid curves and muscular flanks lending vigour and power.

New C3 features the two-tier front light signature synonymous with Citroën. Double chrome strips extend from the chevrons and go all the way across to the LED daytime running lights. The protective front bumper blends into the rest of the bodywork to enhance the sense of height and width at the front for a ‘go-anywhere’ look and feel. The fog lights even feature stylish coloured surrounds.

In profile, the black windscreen pillars and floating roof accentuate the dynamic outline of New C3. The car’s protective character is evident in the balanced proportions between the body panels and the glazed areas. The horizontal styling features on the sides of the car continue the deliberately high bonnet line, producing a reassuring posture, and the wheel arches are fitted with extensions for a crossover appearance. At the rear, the generously sized, muscular wings give the car a dynamic appearance, an impression accentuated by the very short overhang.

The Airbump® panels (air-filled bumps with a scratch-proof surface, as seen on C4 Cactus) are a Citroën signature feature, offering personality and style, as well as protecting the vehicle. The thermoplastic polyurethane material used in the Airbump® panels resists everyday degradation, protecting them from sunlight, water, scratches etc. Each panel positions a line of air-filled bumps at the bottom of the doors to protect the most vulnerable areas of the car in the urban environment. The Airbump® panels also have a white or red graphic motif, depending on the version.

Citroën C3 Citroën C3




The unique, high-tech identity of New C3 continues at the back with 3D rear lights, low level protection to lend everyday robustness and an updated C3 badge – now, the figure 3 appears in black with a chrome surround.

Aerodynamically, the roof is 4cm lower than the previous model with every surface designed to optimise airflow.

Citroën’s designers drew inspiration from travel and home interior design to create an interior that aims to feel like an extension of the driver’s home. Offering a safe, contemporary and comfortable cabin, New C3’s interior design principles focus on delivering uncluttered space.

The perception of space is heightened by the horizontal dashboard, which runs across the whole width of the vehicle. The design of the interior trim and the shape of the chrome-finished air vents also combine to enhance the perception of width.

The customer has a choice of finishes inside the cabin. Some elements can be painted, wrapped with textile or TEP lining (with or without over-stitching) and finished with chrome or coloured touches. The finish is always designed to perfectly match the seat material.

The seats, integral to on-board wellbeing, have a uniquely wide and generous design, which amplifies the impression of space and comfort. This is further enhanced by the use of bright, warm materials.

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