Are You buying Your First Motorbike? Here’s What To Consider


MotorbikeOnce you hit the age of sixteen, you’ll have a choice to make. You must decide whether you want to learn how to ride or learn how to drive.

I know what you’re thinking. You need to be seventeen to learn how to drive don’t you? Ah, but you only need to be sixteen if you want to ride a moped, and that’s the first fact I want to pass on. What motorcycle you can ride will depend on your age until you are 24. Here are a couple of other facts.

Biking Is More Dangerous Than Driving

It’s true that biking is, statistically, far more dangerous than driving. However, the cause of this is debatable. It might be that riding is more dangerous than driving. Or, it could be that cars don’t pay as much attention to bikers on the road. That means if you ride with care and attention there’s no need to be put off. You just need to always be aware of your surroundings.

It’s A lot Cheaper

It’s cheaper to buy a bike than it is to buy a car. But they are also a lot cheaper to run. You can get further on a bike with less fuel than you can in a car. Particularly, if you choose one of the top range bikes to ride. It’s true that some bikes are less fuel efficient with sports ones hitting about ten mpg when pushed to their limit. But for the most part, unless you’re buying a hybrid, you’re better off with a bike.

If you’re interested in learning to ride, the infographic below has everything you need to know.


Infographic Credit To Bikesure Motorbike Insurance

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