Should you buy a supercar in the UK? (Hint: The answer is no!)


LamborghiniIs it worth buying a supercar in the UK? Well, I have some compelling arguments that prove it isn’t! Check them out here:

They’re Impractical On Our Roads

One of the joys of British driving is having to deal with our pothole filled roads. When you’re driving a regular car, you tend to manage quite well. The holes start to feel like little cracks, and you get used to the bumps over time. However, a supercar isn’t equipped to deal with these poor conditions. They’re performance vehicles that belong on smooth roads with plenty of room to breathe and accelerate away. Driving one down a windy country lane or bumpy city street just isn’t practical. Even if you live away from the city, you’re not likely to find a suitable place to let your car roam free. We have fairly strict speed limits everywhere, buying a car that’s designed to hit 100+ mph isn’t practical.

We Rarely Have Great Driving Conditions

For me, I have some specific thoughts when it comes to owning a supercar. I dream of being on the motorway when the sun is shining, and the sky is bright blue. These are perfect driving conditions for anyone in a Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. During the summer, we may well get these conditions for a few weeks/months. But, in the UK, we tend to have very long, cold, and wet winters. This means the driving conditions are far from ideal for supercar owners. Why would you risk taking your Ferrari out when it’s pouring with rain and the roads are slippery? Likewise, bad weather will only damage your car and make it dirty. So, you end up keeping it locked away in your garage for half the year.

There Are Fast Cars That Are Much Cheaper

The biggest issue with supercars is that they’ve very expensive. Even so-called ‘budget’ supercars will set you back a fair bit. It can take you years to save enough money just to buy a used supercar. Is it really worth it? Well, if you’re buying it for the speed, the answer is no. You can get plenty of very fast cars that are much cheaper. Just look at things like the new Volkswagen Golf range. That includes some high spec Golfs that pack a serious punch. The same can be said for other brands, even more, luxurious ones like BMW and Mercedes. They offer cars that are super quick, and still remain a fraction of the cost of a supercar. Plus, they’re practical on our roads too!

They Lose Value So Fast

We all know that the problem with cars is that they lose value over time. Unless, of course, you’ve got yourself a vintage vehicle! With supercars, the drop in value is even worse. Generally speaking, you can get some good deals on used supercars. This is good if you’re a buyer, but not when you’re selling a car. You can spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on a supercar, and lose a lot of money when you decide to sell it.

Unless you won the lottery or have a massive fortune, I wouldn’t recommend buying a supercar. For normal people, it’s simply not worth it.

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