An eventful weekend at Zandvoort for Rebecca

Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca JacksonThe final race of the SRO GT4 season took place last weekend at Zandvoort, a track Rebecca last raced at in 2013 in her Porsche Boxster.

She turned up to the track knowing it well and ready to race there again. The only thing she needed to get used to was the speed of the KTM X-Bow GT4.

Qualifying went well with Rebecca and her teammate Thomas taking sixth out of the KTMs. Race 1, however, didn’t go so smoothly with the team picking up a stop-go penalty for releasing Rebecca too early out of the pits. Rebecca says: “Because of the early release we missed out on the five points the team gets for completing a pit stop under a set time. I was really worried I wasn’t going to be able to maintain my third place in the RYS female standings but the team pulled together to minimise the loss.”

Despite a safety car and the stop-go penalty, which saw Rebecca have to come into the pits for five seconds before continuing, she managed to go quicker with each lap. Rebecca and her team finished the race in sixth out of the KTMs.

Race 2 was plagued with incidents from the start where two Porsches crashed into each other on the start line. The race was stopped for a period of time in order to remove debris from the track.

The race was restarted but soon there was another incident, which meant the safety car had to come out. The Aston Martin in front of Rebecca did not maintain pace with the cars in front, Rebecca followed closely although was frustrated. The safety car went in and she quickly overtook the Aston and was then tasked with catching up the other KTMs. Her lap times show she was well on the pace and getting quicker with each lap. In total she shaved three seconds off her times from race 1, with the team finishing in fourth out of the KTMs in race 2.

Track actionWhile the full results for the RYS Championship are yet to be released, Rebecca does hang onto 3rd in the female standings and the team is hopeful they’ve held onto the top spot. Keep an eye on Rebecca’s Twitter feed for updates.

The winner of the female championship was Australian Caitlin Wood who drove brilliantly all year. Rebecca says: “It was fantastic to compete against such a talented pool of drivers. Being part of the female championship was a fantastic challenge and it was a well deserved win from Caitlin who drove quickly and consistently all season.”

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