Paying for your next car: What options do you have?

Vauxhall Astra

Vauxhall Astra When it comes to purchasing a car we find ourselves in a time where there are plenty of different options to consider.

As such this also means that we have more freedom and flexibility to purchase bigger and better vehicles with added conveniences and top trim levels.
If you are looking at investing in a new vehicle, then you should first consider your payment options so you know what finances you have to play with; here are several such methods you can find in the UK:

Upfront Payment

To start with the more obvious, you can simply select a vehicle and pay the full price up front. This is arguably the most straightforward way of getting your next car, but isn’t something that’s always viable for the average buyer.

Finance Plans

One of the other more popular ways to pay for your new car is to set up a finance plan. This will see you essentially paying for the car in instalments with a set interest rate. These rates can differ from retailer to retailer and much like any loan, it will be based on your circumstances and credit history, as well as any down payments that you make.

Trade-in Deals

Another way you can make your purchase more affordable is to trade in your current vehicle and have this discounted from the asking price of the one you want to buy. The clear benefit here is that if you have a decent selling car you can get more money off – these are often subject to inspections and additional checks by the other buyer.

Deals and Negotiation

Lastly, you can wait until there are certain deals available that may make your purchasing more affordable. Money off at certain times, or exclusive offers on finance are golden opportunities for you to make savings. Also, in terms of getting more value for your money you may also wish to negotiate for additional benefits with the seller – meaning you are effectively getting more for what you have paid.

A Final Tip

As alluded to above, you don’t have to search far and wide to find these types of payment options a simple search online can bring up several different providers. It makes sense though to choose a reputable seller with plenty of vehicles available such as Unbeatable Car. These retailers are the more reliable option and with a wider range of cars are more likely to have the wider range of payment options for you to enjoy.

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