Budget for your dream car with Motorparks’ new calculators

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Have you found your dream car but worried about whether you will be able to afford it or not? British car dealership Motorparks has launched two new motoring calculators to help put your mind at ease.

There’s the company’s interactive car finance calculator for one, which will set out the best car finance option for you through the following features:

• A finance calculator which sets out the estimated total amount you will need to pay for a vehicle, based on its cost, the deposit fee, the length of a car loan and the rate of interest attached to the loan.

• A jargon-free quiz which poses the following questions in order to work out your best type of finance:

–  What are your feelings about car loans?

–  What type of vehicle has caught your eye?

–  Will this vehicle be used for personal means or as use within a business?

–  Will you be looking to one day own the vehicle?

–  Do you see owning the car as being more important than making low monthly payments?

Designed to work alongside the Motorparks car finance calculator is the company’s motoring costs calculator. Use this interactive tool and you will be able to learn about the day-to-day costs of your dream vehicle, based on parameters such as:

• How much you can expect to pay for fuel.
• The amount you can expect to pay for insuring the vehicle.
• The cost of road tax for the car that has caught your eye.
• If you need to factor in any other motoring costs, like fees to use a toll road on your commute or daily parking charges.

Try out the pair of easy-to-use calculators now and discover if the dream car that’s grabbed your attention is actually within your budget range.

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