A motorists gift guide

Mince pies

Mince piesChristmas is upon us once more; the time to buy the best for your nearest and dearest. However, when you’re buying for a car enthusiast, the gift ideas can often run a little short. Of course, if you yourself are a car enthusiast it should seem easy!

Whilst you may not be able to buy your loved one that classic car they have always wanted, you can impress them with this list of gifts guaranteed to put a smile on their face.


When the mention of Goodwood starts flying around, any car enthusiast becomes overwhelmed with excitement. The yearly festival is always flooded with petrol heads from across the country. Tickets are already on sale for 2017; running from 8th-10th September. If your loved one can wait until then, they are a great gift. Alternatively, Goodwood offers experience days, from spin and slide practice to performance track, where you get the chance to drive in a high performance BMW on the same tracks that racing legends have once driven on. These experience days are every car lover’s dream!


Because, it doesn’t really get any better than personalised plates! From the plethora of choice available, you can get anything from a replacement car-branded plate to the much more exciting option of making up a novelty plate. Head to this plate builder to choose from a wide range of styles, including vintage inspired silver and black plates, as well as an aluminium option, which offers a much stronger yet flexible plate. Whether your loved one is 13 or 50, a personalised plate is a great idea not only for the car mad but for any family member who loves personal gifts.


Any Classic car lover would revel in the opportunity to go to an event entirely dedicated to these beautiful motors. Running from 23-26 February 2017, there isn’t long to wait before you can head to London and be surrounded by motorist heaven! The capital’s largest Classic car event will feature over 700 cars for you to feast your eyes on, as well as a speakers corner where guest speakers and VIPs will take you through the day and offer advice on selling and buying your dream car. Get your tickets here.


A monthly magazine, wholeheartedly devoted to the world’s most exciting cars, from the affordable to the unbelievable. Buying a year’s subscription for your loved one will guarantee a gift every month, bringing them up to date on all that’s new in motoring world, including first drives of the latest cars and reviews on all performance cars.


A gift guaranteed to get any man excited! It’s the ultimate boy’s toy; offering the driving experience of a lifetime (in miniature form of course). A Scalextric set is a great introduction into the world of slot car racing, or if there is already a collection being built; simply adding a few cars will bring smiles all round. With some of the best engines in the world on offer, from the McLaren F1 2015 to the beautiful, classic Jaguar D-Type, you are spoilt for choice; there is even the world famous Austin Powers Jaguar E-Type, complete with Union Jack artwork!


It may seem like an odd choice for Christmas, but trust us, every motor head loves to look after their cars just as much as they like to drive them. Often pottering away in the garage, you can catch most car enthusiasts polishing wheels on a sunday afternoon. This kit is the cream of the crop; containing shampoo, polish, sealant and three different treats for the wheels, it’s everything you need to give your car a good pamper.


Another dull gift you say? Not quite; this revolutionary ice scraper will put an end to snapping cards in the cold mornings. Designed to shift the hardest ice imaginable, it has a double bladed base with a soft handle, for maximum grip and comfort. You can apply all your might with no fear of breakage, making winter mornings a lot more bearable. Get the ‘must have accessory of winter’ here.

With a gift for every budget covered, as well as all types of car enthusiasts, we hope our gift guide gives you some ideas to go forth and become the favourite person in the room on Christmas day!

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