Girls can drive too!

Car and driver

Car and driverIt’s one of the most ridiculous stereotypes in the world, but some people truly believe that women can’t drive.

While there is no evidence to back up those claims, there’s no doubt that most female drivers will face some negative reactions. Quite frankly, those prejudices are most likely to occur when you’re an inexperienced on the road.

The best way to answer those critics is to show that you can drive, and maximise your enjoyment behind the wheel with responsible actions. Apart from silencing the negativity of others, it will ensure that you get the most out of your driving too.

Learning to drive is a magical time in your life, but it can be soured very quickly by negative influences. After all, as an inexperienced driver, you’re in a more vulnerable position than ever before.

There’s nothing worse than having those doubts come from a parent. This is just one reason why it’s advised to take professional driving lessons rather than learn from someone you know. Although you might save money going for the dad route, the level of education gained from an expert is priceless.

As for the theory, just make sure that you don’t sell yourself short. Put in the hours, and you should pass it first time. Not only will it save you money, but it should give you immense confidence too. By gaining the right mindset at an early stage, you should be set to overcome any obstacles that you may face.

Gaining your licence should be enough to put the negativity of others to bed, but it isn’t. Simply being a woman could put you in a position where car dealers will try to take advantage. Therefore, learning a little about what to look for in a used car before hitting the market is key. In truth, even if you do meet an honest dealer, this education will maximise your hopes of finding the right car for you.

The gender stereotypes aren’t always negative. Female drivers usually find that car insurance quotes are cheaper, which is great – albeit unfair to safe male drivers. However, that isn’t an excuse to drive irresponsibly. In addition to abiding the laws, you should remove all distractions during those early weeks on the road. If nothing else, it will encourage positive long-term habits.

Even the most careful driver will encounter a number of driving issues over the years. Again, it is possible that mechanics may try to abuse their power when your car goes into services. This doesn’t mean you should be fearful, but it is something worth noting. In the meantime, you can show that you are a true queen of the road by learning how to change tyres and complete other simple tasks.

Ultimately, the opinions of other road users don’t actually matter. Nonetheless, there’s no question that they can influence your views about yourself. Ensuring that you know about

cars as well as driving will give you that additional confidence to master every aspect of driving from the off.

Go you!

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