What Cars Would The Disney Princesses Drive? 


GraphicDisney princesses have been around since the thirties, and let’s face it they’ve never looked back since.

With numerous films, spin offs, albums, video games, theme parks and attractions under their belt, it would be easy to say that we know everything about them. 

But have you ever wondered what cars they would drive if they were real? Up until now that has remained a mystery. 

Thanks to our friends over at OSV we can wonder no more as they have created a brilliant infographic to show what car they would be most likely to drive if they were real.

From Snow White’s mighty Mercedes Vito Tourer to Jasmine’s Lamborghini Aventador to Ariel’s environmentally friendly Nissan Leaf. Take a look at the infographic below and let us know if you think they have picked the right cars. 



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