Why new drivers can really benefit from a used car

VW Golf For new drivers especially, going the used route can make real sense.

When you’re new to driving, what’s really key is gaining experience and learning to drive safely and well.

A used car is perfect for this. But there are plenty of other pluses out there to consider…


Cheaper payments

Put simply, a used car from Hertz Rent2Buy is in most cases a fair bit cheaper than a new alternative. This means a lot for new drivers, who are generally younger.

As we’re all aware, the younger generations are being squeezed in financial terms at the moment, with rents more challenging than ever before and wages stagnating.

Against this, inflation is beginning to creep in here in the UK, and the weakening pound is affecting the price of imports.

Guess what? Many new cars in this country are imported, though some are built here. Altogether, these elements mean that many younger drivers are effectively being priced out of the new car market.

That means there is rising demand for used cars. And when demand rises, so does quality to match demand. Which all means that, in a nutshell, from a financial and economic standpoint, now’s a superb time for new drivers to investigate used options.

Less depreciation

We all know that a used car maintains its value better than a new car. And we all know that when we are young, life is less certain. Might we want to move to a new city, where a car is less necessary or relevant for driving to work?

Moreover, youngsters might take some time out of work to travel or gain different skills. In those scenarios it’s handy to pass the car back into the used market for a decent sum, as opposed to losing a fortune on selling a new car, where you can’t reap back nearly so much of your investment if your circumstances change.

Polish your skills with a used car

There is another key element at play here, experience on the road. We’re by no means hinting that young or less experienced drivers are bad, or dangerous. However their inexperience is reflected in the higher premiums younger drivers face to insure their vehicles.

If you are going to start out on UK roads, it arguably makes sense to do so in a vehicle that, in the nicest sense, can handle a battering. Do you still need a little time to perfect that hill start? Is the odd knock or scrape while parking on the cards?

For new drivers, such scenarios are common. It doesn’t really make sense to scratch your brand new, cherished car on Day One, causing much heartache. Might it be better to learn the ‘trade’ of driving in an older model that can handle a bump or two?

Then, you can switch to a brand new car when you’ve really got a feel both for the road, and the kinds of car you actually prefer to drive.
The decision is yours

No one can say with certainty that used is the best option for a new driver. But it really does merit consideration at the very least, for reasons that aren’t only financial, but practical too.

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