New Citroën C3 Aircross compact SUV

Citroën C3 Aircross Following the world premiere of New C5 Aircross – the brand’s new C-segment SUV – at the Shanghai Motor Show in April, Citroën is stepping up its international SUV offensive.

Today the Citroën brand reveals the New C3 Aircross compact SUV, which will soon launch into the rapidly growing B SUV-segment in the UK, Europe and across markets worldwide.

Both of Citroën’s new-generation SUVs are people-minded and inspired by customers. With the protective character of their exterior styling, New C5 Aircross and New C3 Aircross are equally appealing to SUV buyers, each with their own unique and energetic personalities.

Both models stand out in their respective segments and represent new benchmarks in terms of ease of use and on-board comfort. New C5 Aircross and New C3 Aircross illustrate the brand’s expertise in design, the creation of space and well-being.

Inspired by the C-Aircross Concept, which was presented at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, New C3 Aircross brings a breath of fresh air to the compact SUV segment. Outside, it stands out with its unique body styling and unprecedented personalisation choices. Inside, innovation is demonstrated through its levels of comfort as part of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. This means plenty of space on-board, a modular design, and a bright and airy passenger compartment. New C3 Aircross is a contemporary vehicle that is connected and equipped with a range of technologies that make life easier in the city and out on the open road. In short, Citroën’s new SUV invites fans of style, well-being and adventure to live a whole new automotive experience.

New Citroën C3 Aircross was created with the inspiration of the design teams, led by Alexandre Malval, Citroën’s Design Director. New C3 Aircross appeals with its unique body styling, and its fresh and protective appearance. Its compact and high-set dimensions (4.15m long, 1.76m wide and 1.64m tall) are well proportioned and showcase the car’s flowing and dynamic lines.
Citroën’s attractive new compact SUV dominates the road. The design of New C3 Aircross is unique to the segment with a muscular bonnet that is both short and raised. The overall design is free from aggression although there is a sense of robustness, which is underscored by the front and rear light signatures. Standing firm on its large diameter wheels, New C3 Aircross has a ground clearance 20mm higher than New C3, whose platform it shares. The new model’s wheel arch extensions and protective skid plates also contribute to the dynamic and protective SUV styling. These visual features reinforce the car’s adventurous spirit and personality.

Citroën C3 Aircross  Citroën C3 Aircross  Citroën C3 Aircross  Citroën C3 Aircross



At the front, New C3 Aircross features Citroën’s two-tier light signature. The lights at the top are the LED daytime running lights, which link to the chevrons via a double chrome strip to enhance the perceived width of the car. The lower units are for the headlights and come complete with coloured surrounds. There is also space to house the fog lamps. A large air intake in the centre strikes a powerful note. Lower down, a protective skid plate underscores the SUV nature of New C3 Aircross.

At the rear, the design emphasises the car’s width and muscular character. The 3D-effect rear lights spell out the family connection with New C3 and the C-Aircross Concept. The sophisticated light units are complemented by ‘Gloss Black’ inserts in the tailgate, featuring the two-tone C3 Aircross badge and Gloss Black chevrons. The imposing rear bumper and protective skid plate echo the front end, and once again affirms the car’s robustness and SUV spirit. 

A true SUV, New C3 Aircross features innovative components such as the stylish quarter-lights as a unique design signature. Previewed on the C-Aircross Concept, the rear quarter-lights – made from polycarbonate and layered with a coloured film – create a strong graphic contrast on the C-pillar. With their ‘Venetian Blind’ effect, they add a unique character trait and also serve to conceal the inside of the car, but without keeping the light out or reducing visibility. 

New C3 Aircross is fully focused on comfort, with the perception of space and a sense of well-being playing a key role. These sensations – felt instantly on entering the vehicle – are created by the horizontal design of the dashboard, and by the welcoming and comfortable seats. Put simply, New Citroën C3 Aircross innovates through its design, providing exceptional cabin space, modularity and boot volume.

New C3 Aircross places a premium on the amount of light in the cabin. The new model features a large glazed surface area offering drivers 360° of visibility and impressive amounts of light inside the car. This sensation is enhanced by the relaxing effect of the rear quarter-lights with their ‘Venetian Blind’ design creating a mixture of light and shadow. New C3 Aircross also offers passengers an impressive view of the sky with its opening panoramic glass sunroof. Unique in the B SUV-segment, this feature comes complete with a sequential electric control, has an interior glazed area of nearly 1m long, and features a sun blind and LED lighting. The amount of light in the cabin can also be adjusted using the sun blinds in the rear doors. 

Another essential component to promote comfort when travelling is storage space. The eminently functional New C3 Aircross benefits from a range of storage compartments. The central console has been designed to store a smartphone with a special dock and wireless charging.

The ‘penholder’ space on the passenger side of the dashboard can accommodate slim objects such as keys, pens and coins. The front door pockets even have enough room for 1.5-litre bottles of water. Rear passengers benefit from extra storage spaces too. The central section of the rear seats can fold down to create an armrest with cup holders. This also features a ski flap for transporting long objects.

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