6 Risks Bike Driver Should Never Take

TyreRiding a bike has always been exciting though dangerous due to many risks that surround poorly protected bike driver.

Experience plays a huge role here, but even experienced bikers get into accidents. If you can’t change the circumstances, you still can avoid lots of risks by simply being more prudent. Online shop of tyres and car parts tirendo.co.uk tells us about major threats bike driver should beware.

Bad weather conditions

Not only does riding a bike under rain look ridiculous (imagine being totally wet and cold and then being splashed with dirty water by other drivers), but also it is very dangerous. The road gets slippery, and you can’t see the whole picture of the road well. You don’t even know what the next puddle hides. Even if you are well-equipped to stay dry and warm, you can’t predict how other drivers would act in an emergency situation. The same can be said about riding on snow and ice.

Riding under the influence

In today’s culture, motorcycling is associated with alcohol, but it’s a killing combination. Even if you believe you can cope with riding after a couple of beers and go unnoticed, don’t be so self-confident. Alcohol impairs your ability to react and assess the situation fast and wisely leading to a much bigger number of wrecks than you can expect. Don’t take a risk of drunk riding, ever.

Oncoming traffic

Well, there are lanes on the road and there are rules that define who and where must drive. But they can’t protect you from being hit by the inattentive ‘oncoming’ drivers. Keep in mind that even a slight push or contact with oncoming traffic is able to knock you from your bike. Always be alert and keep an eye on the traffic on your both sides. Imagine like everybody is going to kill you and ride accordingly.

Unpredictable cars

The most risk comes from drivers opening their car doors, changing lanes, and carelessly turning right on intersections. Be extra careful and reduce speed while riding past parked cars in cities because you never know when the door can open. Beware drivers who try to change their lane without paying attention to you – not because they are so heartless, but because of blind spots their cars have. Such situation easily turns deadly for the motorcyclist. Make sure you spot the car that begins to drift over early. When riding through the intersection, beware cars that are waiting to turn to your side (right in the UK) and keep a safe following distance.

Too fast cornering

The speed is probably the coolest thing about motorcycles. It really intoxicates. But if you are a rookie who is just learning to handle your bike, entering a corner at a too high speed can get you in a real trouble and even cost you a life.

Heavy braking

There are situations when you must stop immediately before a hazard, but, unfortunately, such panic stops are much more dangerous for motorcyclists than for car drivers. Unless your bike is equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS), slamming on brakes can result in your front wheel getting locked and you being thrown off the bike.


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