Goodwood 2017 Facts and Figures

The festival of speed makes some very big numbers (Photo by Marc Waller)

The festival  of speed makes some very big numbers (Photo by Marc Waller)One of the Uk’s biggest motorsport and motoring events, the Goodwood Festival of Speed took place last weekend.

With the help of the nice people at Goodwood we’ve put together some statistics;

450 Vehicles took part in the event. Of these there were 180 Racing cars and 60 Motorbikes.

The Supercar and First Galnce Road car class included 70 cars.

The Separate Forest Rally stage featured 80 Rally cars

20 more cars took part in the Off Road arena

Another 45 cars were featured in the Cartier Style et Luxe

The figures for the event itself are also impressive;

• Around 12 miles of trackway are laid around the site
• Over 1 million litres of water are stored on site
• Over 498,000 tickets and wristbands in total are produced for the FOS
• 1000 Picnic benches are put in place across the site
• The event has eEnough temporary electrical power to provide power to the whole of neighbouring Chichester – 15 mega watts
• Approximately 4,500 hay bales are used to set up the Hillclimb and Off-Road Arenas
• 200 temporary structures are built from small tents to giant stands
• Over 600 radios make up the communication network for the event staff
• Over 300 Exhibitors come on site for the Festival.
• Staff put up over 2000 signs in and around the event site By Marc Waller

One of the temporary structures (Photo by Marc Waller) Katie Milners Taxi was one of many users of the sites temporary electricity (Photo by Marc Waller) A Ferrari on the rally stage passing some of the many hay bales used on the site (Photo by Marc Waller) A car in the off road arena (Photo by Marc Waller) The Cartier Lawn (Photo by Marc Waller) There were 180 different cars on the Hill (Photo by Marc Waller)

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