On the road with the Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi OutlanderI know many people who own a Range Rover who would happily swear that they are the best 4×4 on the market – and they might have a point, but I’m here with the new 2017 model Outlander, and if I was you, I would not discount the Outlander quite yet.

Also, you might not know this, but the Outlander has actually been around for many years, which makes it more than capable of keeping up with the likes of the Range Rover – not only in style, but also in comfort.

To be honest I get easily bored listening to my mates going on about how the Range Rover is the best 4X4 ever made – when actually I happen to think that the Outlander is pretty good too – and given the price difference – I’m afraid I would go with buying the Outlander.

Power and Efficiency:
Powered by a 2.2L 16V 4 cylinder DOHC turbocharged & intercooled diesel engine with 150PS @ 3500rpm and a max torque figure of around 360Nm. Fuel consumption is also very good returning a very impressive 48mpg (combined). If you are interested in 0-62 times then it will arrive in around 11.6sec and the top speed will max out at 118mph – so not bad at all then. I also liked the automatic gearbox – because it was not remotely sluggish at all and it felt very in tune with the driven wheels no matter what the surface was doing.

On the road:
As you know – the Outlander is a proper 4×4 which means it can do no wrong in my book. I have tested a lot of 4WD cars this year and they have all felt pretty good on the road – but the Outlander feels more at home when pushed hard over rough ground – even when driven into the muddy hills around where I live. Plus the Outlander was built to do all this whilst still keeping you safe and sound on the inside, no matter where you take it off-road, it will just keep on rolling.

Interior & Technology
Mitsubishi really has gone above and beyond in making the Outlander stand out above the competition with its pleasing lines that are not only visual on the inside, but pleasing to see on the outside too. There is also a lot of detail around the dashboard – where all the controls have been brilliantly done by the Mitsubishi designers to make them feel unfussy and well laid out for the driver.

Mitsubishi Outlander Mitsubishi Outlander




The Outlander’s generous equipment levels are also good with features such as; Blind Spot Warning and Rear Cross Traffic Alert, LED headlamps with washers and auto-levelling, LED front fog lamps, electric glass sunroof, power tailgate, black leather seats, heated front seats with powered driver’s seat, heated steering wheel, SD card satellite navigation with HD, 7″ touch-screen, DAB radio, gloss black front door and dashboard trim panels and a 360-degree camera (Automatic model)

To sum up:
The Outlander is a great car for a great price – and actually feels exactly like a proper 4×4. So, whether you are a family looking for a one size fits all 4×4 or a farmer looking for his next big load slugger – there is no doubt in my mind that the Outlander is out to please.

Price: OTR from £34,055 (Auto) By Anthony Yates


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