Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Aston Martin

Aston Martin

Aston MartinMany people see cars as a status symbol for those who drive them. Aston Martin is one of the most famous British car manufacturers around, and one of the highest sought after out there right now.

The cars are renowned for both luxury and speed, with a beautiful design to boot – regardless of the model chosen. Reaching top speeds and being owned by a plethora of the rich and famous, many consider Aston Martins to be cars that are truly works of art. There’s barely anybody who would say no to owning an Aston Martin, given the chance! An Aston Martin can give an air of power, status, and wealth, amongst other things.

Still, there are many things the majority of people don’t know about this car manufacturer. You might know an Aston Martin when you see one in the road, but do you know these interesting things? Read on for things you probably didn’t know about Aston Martin:

The Second Aston Martin Car Came Out In 1920
The first Aston Martin was designed in 1915, but the production of the car had to be postponed due to the first World War. Before the second Aston Martin car could be produced, they had to wait until the war was over and find new premises in the Kensington area. They finally produced the second car in 1920.

Count Louis Zebrowski Died While Racing On Behalf Of Aston Martin
No car company is without its highs and lows – take a look at the history of other car companies if you haven’t already, and you’ll see. The death of Count Louis Zebrowski, however, was one of the lowest points in Aston Martin history. In the 1920s, the car manufacturer attempted to make a name in motorsports, as they entered cars into racing events. This is something that the majority of car manufacturers did at the time. They managed to secure the financial backing of Count Louis Zebrowski, but it was ultimately what killed the Count in the year 1924. The Count was racing one of the Aston Martin vehicles when the incident happened that took his life. After the incident, they went bankrupt. Luckily for them, Lady Dorothea Charnwood bought the business and then put her son on the board. This kept the business afloat and is one of the main reasons we still have them to enjoy today.

Aston Martin Released a New Car Model for the Release of The James Bond Movie ‘Spectre’

Aston Martin cars and James Bond films have a fairly long history. Many people associate the car manufacturer with the films. In 2015, Spectre, a new Bond film was released. Aston Martin released the DB9 GT Bond Edition especially for the film, with many exciting features. These included:

– 007 sill plaques
– A Spectre silver color
– A rear seat divider with gun barrel embroidery
– Many other visual upgrades

The new masterpiece went on sale for $237,007 in the United States. As if it wasn’t enough to own a luxury car, those who bought one also got an aa Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra watch and a Globe-Trotter luggage case. What more excuse to purchase an incredible luxury car? However, many people who wanted to nab the car didn’t manage to do so in time, as they sold out within a few short days. There were many disappointed people all over the world. Let’s hope another James Bond film complete with unique Aston Martin car is released soon!

Aston Martin Has Been Around Since 1913

The Aston Martin company has been around since 1913, and has one of the longest histories in British car history. Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford joined forces to make cars for Singer, and went by the name ‘Bamford & Martin’ before deciding to create their own business. They called their business ‘Aston Martin’ and the rest is history.

‘Martin’ comes from Lionel Martin, and ‘Aston’ is from a place. Aston Hill was a popular place for motorsport events to take place. When the duo began creating cars, they would be test driven on Aston Hill. It only seems right that ‘Aston’ got a part in the name!

They Were Not Successful at Formula One Racing
Would you believe that Aston Martin weren’t successful at Formula One? The majority of big car brands participate in motorsport events as this gives them the chance to showcase their cars. However, things didn’t work out for Aston Martin when they decided to take this route. In 1959 they made their debut in a Formula One race and they didn’t do very well at all. Why? Although the cars were good, it is reported that they just weren’t good enough to excel in the races at the time. Regardless of this, the brand has grown year on year and offered better vehicles, making Aston Martin hire as popular as ever. Hiring a beautiful car can be a great idea if you know you could never afford to buy one – imagine driving around in your favourite Aston Martin model on a special occasion.

The Company Experienced Financial Problems in the 1970s
The whole motor industry had problems in the 70s, but it was Aston Martin that began to feel the pressure especially during this time. In spite of this, during the 1970s they used the Volante brand for Cabriolet and the Vantage brand for their coupe models. These cars were powered by 5.3 liter V-8 engines, which gave them incredible power and speed. The features they included really made the cars stand out too – from an automatic gearbox to a direct injection system. Even though they continued to produce quality cars, it wasn’t until the 1990s that they began to subside.

The Aston Martin Logo Has Changed Many Times Over the Years

You see the Aston Martin logo, and you know what it is right away. However, this logo has changed lots of times over the years. The first logo came out in 1920, and then a variant of the original 7 years later. This is when the wings were incorporated. The logo was designed by S.C.H. Davis and he was a fan of Egyptology, which was popular with the British people at that time. He opted to use the wings of the scarab beetle in the design, and not birds wings like many people believe them to be. Some believe that he took inspiration from the Bentley logo. The current logo has been around since 2003, and is a more refined version of the older versions.

Most Modern Aston Martin Cars Can Reach 200 mph
This is a car manufacturer known for producing cars at great speed, which is why it attracts so many different kinds of buyers. The majority of cars by Aston Martin can achieve speeds of 200 mph and more. The V8 Vantage is the only model that lags a little, reaching speeds of 190 mph.

You’ll Spot Many Celebrities Driving An Aston Martin
Aston Martins are so popular with celebrities, due to the premier price tag and luxury features. Doing a quick Google search will show you many proud celebrities driving their Aston Martin vehicles, from Steven Spielberg to David Beckham. The car is a great symbol for their wealth and status.

Did you know these things about Aston Martin? If you know of something not included on the list, make sure you leave it in the comments below. We’d love to know your thoughts on this iconic car brand. Thanks for reading!

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