Next generation Mokka shows new face of Vauxhall

Next-Generation Mokka Shows New Face of Vauxhall

Next-Generation Mokka Shows New Face of VauxhallThe next Vauxhall Mokka will be the first model to show the new face of the British Brand. The team around Vauxhall-Opel Design Vice President, Mark Adams has created a new, unmistakable front – the Vauxhall Vizor.

Like a full-face helmet, a protective vizor that organically integrates the grille, the headlights and the brand logo in one single module covers the new Vauxhall face.

The vizor of the new Mokka extends in one single sweep across the front of the vehicle underneath the bonnet, visually stretching its width and organising the fascia with a reduced amount of elements. No superfluous decoration disturbs the focus on a pure, flush surface that perfectly integrates the headlights. The legendary Vauxhall lightning-flash emblem proudly dominates the centre. It looks pure, precise and technical, a perfect match to the new Mokka that will only have high-quality LED lamps as well as the latest generation of IntelliLux LED® matrix headlights – a true highlight in this market segment. The Vauxhall Vizor will become a hallmark of all Vauxhall models in the course of the 2020s with the idea of further clustering top technologies
“It was very important for us to create a fresh new face for the brand that was true to our future Design philosophy of being both Bold and Pure. Our new ‘Vizor’ theme is very clear and distinctive, whilst also having a clear historical connection to the Vauxhall Firenza, which had a similarly clean horizontal layout with crisply defined centre crease. There is no need for a classic grille in electric cars like the Vauxhall Mokka-e, so the Vizor creates a seamless integration of future lighting and other technologies, all located within a high tech protective surface” explained Mark Adams, Vauxhall-Opel Design Vice President.

The new brand face follows the compass philosophy of Vauxhall. The next-generation Mokka will show for the first time the new template for the front and rear view of future Vauxhall models. In the design compass, two axes intersect with the Vauxhall Griffin in the middle, so that the brand emblem is increasingly becoming the central feature. The now sharper and clearer crease in the hood, which is typical of the latest Vauxhall vehicles, continues below the flash and determines the vertical axis. The characteristic wing-shaped graphic of the LED daytime running lights, which all future Vauxhall models will also retain, symbolises the horizontal axis.

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