How to Modernise an Older Car

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta Most people will shop in the used car market when the time comes for a new vehicle.

This is smart because it is much more affordable than buying new and you can get more for your money, plus there are many excellent old vehicles available that will provide many happy years of motoring. There are some giveaways that the car is old, though, so it is helpful to know a few ways to make your vehicle seem newer.

Private Plate
A dead giveaway for the age of your car is the number plate with the 3rd and 4th digits showing what month and year the car was made. A private plate would allow you to conceal this information with a dateless plate, plus you could opt for a personalized one to add some personality to your car.

Modern Touches
Newer cars have all kinds of useful features and modern touches that can make a big difference, but often you can add these yourself to improve and modernize your car. Installing a set of gas struts is one way that you can do this to have the boot easier to open and stay open, plus this is an easy upgrade that you can do by yourself. You could also add an aftermarket rear view camera or parking sensor to modernize and improve the car.

Infotainment System
Much of what has improved about vehicles over the last decade or so has not been under the hood but instead the digital infotainment systems inside. Upgrading yours with modern tech can make a huge difference to your driving experience and the experience for your passengers with greater connectivity, GPS, USB charging and more.

These days, manufacturers tend not to put a plastic sheet over the wheels and instead most vehicles come with a set of alloy wheels. If you are still riding on plastic, you can upgrade to a new set of alloys that will take years off of your car’s appearance and help it to look much more attractive and modern.

New Paint Job
Even with the above improvements, it will be hard to make a car look modern if it has an old, faded and drab paint job. A fresh paint job can completely refresh the look of the vehicle and make it look much more modern, stylish and appealing so it is certainly worth considering.

This post should give you a few ideas for ways that you can modernize an old car. The used car market can be a great place to find an affordable vehicle, but these cars can stand out for the wrong reasons on the road and show signs of their age. Modernizing will help you to take more pride in the vehicle and could even improve your experience in many cases as well.

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