How to replace an overrunning alternator pulley (OAP)?


CarImportance of overrunning alternator pulleys.They play vital roles inside the accessory belt drive system known as ABDS.

Whenever the engine decelerates, the inertia of the alternator will build resistance against the accessory belt.The Overrunning Alternator Pulley will allow the alternators to overrun when the belt starts toslow down, which will help in preventing the belt from slipping and then reduce the vibration and chirp noises. It plays an important role in the smooth running of the engine but is often overlooked by engineers despite the many positive effects on energy efficiency. Overrunning Alternator Pulley’s function is to decouple the alternator from irregularities that can be caused due to the rotations. This is a very critical function as rotational irregularities are common in occurring.  The immense contribution that the overrunning alternator pulley has made towards improving efficiency also shows that it is successfully integrated into petrol and Diesel engines. 

Why should an Overrunning Alternator Pulley be used?  

– It helps in improving the service life of the generator. 
– It also increases the life of the belt. 
– It reduces the noise and vibrations that occur.
– It helps in reducing the consumption of fuel. 

When to change the overrunning alternator pulley?
If the overrunning alternator pulley is damaged, then it will not function as effectively.Therefore, it is important to check the Overrunning alternator pulley from time to time. In addition, when a new alternator is being installed, the overall alternator pulley should also be replaced. 

The overrunning alternator pulley usually wears out as well, but it is not always visible and evident. Hence it is important to test if the overrunning alternator pulley requires a replacement. There are off-vehicle testing and vehicle testing that can take place to find out the state of the Overrunning Alternator Pulley. Pulleys generally go bad because the grease dries out, which makes the pulley noisy. 

Off vehicle test: It requires holding the inner ring of the Overrunning Alternator Pulley while trying to rotate the outer ring in the same direction of the belt. If the outer ring rotates, then the Overrunning Alternator Pulley might need a replacement. Similarly, if the outer ring rotates in the opposite direction as that of the belt, it does not require a replacement. 

On Vehicle Test: While the engine is running when the car is idle, if the belt tensioner movement is excessive, it indicates that the overrunning alternator pulley is worn out. If the engine is rev up and later followed by a buzzing sound from the alternator, that indicates the overrunning alternator pulley requiring a replacement. Lastly, a chirpy noise during the on and off of the engine will also indicate that the overrunning alternator pulley has worn out and needs a replacement. 

Some steps should be taken when replacing an alternator pulley, and this can happen in 3 easy steps: 

● Step 1: The first step is to have the special tools required to remove and install the Overrunning alternator pulley.

● Step 2: Proper alternator pulley type must be used for specific vehicles. It is suggested that the new alternator pulley is just like the pulley that the manufacturer of the vehicle originally installed. 

● Step 3: Lastly, it is important to go ahead with caution. It requires a lot of technique. In some cases, it is even possible to replace and overrunning the alternator pulley while the engine is on. The plastic cap from the old overrunning alternator pulley cannot be reused with the replacement. Therefore, a new cap is also provided but should only be used after ensuring that the overrunning alternator pulley has been fixed correctly. 

GROUP that is the OAP manufactured by Yuhuan Jingxui Machinery Co. Ltd., Has many advantages:

– The high-quality mandrel and other manufacturing processes like the treatment process, the accuracy of runout, and the vertical difference process are completed to test the OAP.

– They manufacture OAP based on the international standard that will help decrease the wearing of parts, thus increasing the service life of the product. 

– The perpendicularity of the needle roller is also an advantage. The position of the needle roller is a very important factor that will stop the product from slipping.

– Slipping occurs due to oxidation as the grease reduces. GROUP adds a very special device. In collaboration with a German company, the grease used in GXOAP keeps the pulley working well in all temperatures, which assures that it will never slip. 

Due to the above advantages, GXOAP is one of the best in the market and should be chosen when looking for an OAP. The quality and test runs have assured the good working and long life of GXOAP. Therefore, it makes ideal for you to replace the overrunning alternator pulley and get a new one fixed instead of the old ones.

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