Weekly Motoring news Roundup October 15th

MOKE Electric

MOKE Electric As we come to the end of another week  we look at some of the motoring news which you may have missed starting with the new electriv MOKE.

MOKE International is delighted to announce the introduction of the all-electric MOKE. Reservations can be made today with first deliveries scheduled in time for the 2022 European summer season.

From January 1st 2022, it will no longer be possible to order Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) MOKEs, making the marque the first legacy manufacturer in the world to go fully electric. Customers wishing to acquire the last of these can through MOKE’s official UK distributor, the Hendy Group.

The introduction of full electric MOKEs reflects consistent customer demand for an evocation of one of the best loved vehicles in the world ready for the pressing global requirement for clean-air powertrains. Indeed, electrification enhances the unique promise of MOKE with significantly increased performance married to the benefits of a silent powertrain for undisturbed open-air motoring.

Nothing matches the thrill of traversing the world’s most beautiful beach resorts in an open-top MOKE. This experience is only made more fun through the instant and silent power delivery derived from an EV powertrain. Indeed, the new MOKE sprints to 55km/h in just 4.5 seconds. Maximum power of 33Kw proves plenty for a vehicle that weighs just 800 Kg. Range is fit for 5 round trips between Cap-Ferrat to Monaco (144km). Charging takes 4 hours on the Type 2 EU Standard and top speed is 100km/h.

All MOKEs can be ordered in Right or Left Hand Drive. Prices start at £29,150 + VAT. Deliveries will be made in time for the 2022 European Summer. Battery cells, motors and inverters are all sourced from Tier 1 European suppliers and have been bespoke engineered in the United Kingdom.


Fiat announces UK pricing and specification for (500)RED family

Fiat UK has announced pricing for its (500)RED family. The range in partnership with (RED) starts from £16,435 OTR and orders open today.

The price announcement comes after the recent unveiling of the (500)RED range which took place at La Pista 500, Europe’s largest hanging garden based at the Lingotto test track in Turin.

New 500 (RED)New 500 (RED)




The unveil marked the first time a car manufacturer has partnered with (RED), a charity co-founded by U2’s Bono created to fight against AIDS and COVID-19. As part of the partnership Fiat, Jeep and RAM will donate more than $4 million over the next three years to help fight the global pandemics.

The special series is available across the entire 500 family: Mild Hybrid (500)RED, New (500)RED and (500X)RED. Vehicle prices start from £16,435 OTR, £22,995 OTR (inclusive of PiCG) and £24,125 OTR respectively.

All of the products will adopt the colour red as a hallmark externally on the bodywork, logos, mirror caps and design cues on the alloy wheels.

The theme is continued through the interior on the dashboard fascia, design cues on the floor mats and exclusive seats made using Seaqual® yarn, derived from plastics recovered from the oceans. The seats carry the Fiat signature and (500)RED logo on the backrest. Red will not be the only colour in the (RED) special series; the palette of body colours includes other specific shades for each model.

Each car in the (500)RED family comes with a welcome kit, including a hand sanitiser dispenser and a specific key cover for a final touch of customisation. New (500)RED customers will also receive an email signed by Olivier François and Bono, welcoming them to the (RED) community.


DS Automobiles announces pricing and specifications for all-new DS 4

DS AUTOMOBILES has revealed pricing and specifications for its all-new premium hatchback, the DS 4. Customers will be able to choose between three stylish variants, with all three featuring with DS’ efficient E-TENSE plug-in hybrid powertrain or advanced PureTech petrol and BlueHDi diesel engines.

The all-new DS 4, the fourth model in DS’ range, will be available in DS 4, Performance Line and Cross derivatives, with prices starting from £25,350 OTR, and deliveries starting later this year.

All-new DS 4All-new DS 4All-new DS 4




The all-new DS 4 features a striking new design, set to make it stand out on the open road or city streets. All derivatives feature a distinctive front end, characterised by a new light signature. Slim projector headlights are complemented by Daytime Running Lights made up of two LED strips on either side featuring 98 LED lights in total. Sculpted surfaces and flush door handles define the car’s side profile, while the steeply sloping rear window leads into a new rear light signature, and gives the car an athletic and purposeful profile.

Refined materials are used throughout the DS 4’s interior, including Alcantara®, forged carbon and wood, all incorporated via new upholstery techniques, blending sophistication with the car’s advanced technology. These techniques include watchstrap leather, pearl stitching and hidden seams (where each stitch stops on a full hide).

With the all-new DS 4, customers can choose the powertrain that best meets their needs. The all-new DS 4 is available with a highly efficient E-TENSE 225 plug-in hybrid powertrain with CO2 emissions as low as 34g/km (WLTP). The DS 4 will also be offered with a choice of three advanced PureTech petrol engines, a PureTech130, PureTech180 and PureTech225, and a frugal BlueHDi 130 diesel. All powertrains are sold exclusively with DS’ smooth shifting eight-speed automatic gearbox.

The DS 4 introduces new premium technology to the segment, including the DS IRIS SYSTEM – an all-new full HD touchscreen infotainment system supported by over-the-air updates and featuring the IRIS personal assistant with natural voice recognition. To make the system even more intuitive, DS SMART TOUCH provides a small, additional touchscreen below the centre console with customisable shortcuts and handwriting recognition.

Enhancing the safety and convenience of the DS 4, DS EXTENDED HEAD-UP DISPLAY projects key information onto the windscreen, helping drivers keep their eyes on the road at all times. Meanwhile, DS DRIVE ASSIST enables semi-autonomous driving and, further improving safety, while DS NIGHT VISION helps detect hazards in low or poor visibility through the use of infrared camera technology, with objects projected to the driver display.

Available as an option on all DS 4 with PureTech petrol and BlueHDi diesel powertrains, DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION is a segment-first innovation. A camera positioned at the top of the windscreen scans the road ahead for imperfections, while four attitude sensors and three accelerometers record every movement, allowing the system to control each wheel independently and thereby delivering a smooth and composed ride at all times.

Jules Tilstone, Managing Director of DS Automobiles UK, said: “The all-new DS 4 is the next evolution of the DS model range, offering a new, striking design, efficient powertrains and class-leading technology. I’m excited for UK customers to experience our unique take on the premium hatchback. With three variants to choose from, the DS 4 is a vehicle that will perfectly match the needs and tastes of UK customers.”


Citroën AMI expands customisation possibilities in existing European markets

Citroën has expanded the personalisation options available on Citroën AMI, offering drivers the chance to customise their vehicle to reflect their own personality. Already an eye-catching vehicle with its toy-like appearance, diminutive size, unusual cube-like shape and symmetrical parts, the expanded range of customisation options allow drivers to make their AMI stand out even more on the road.

Flames Hot Rod Inspired Custom LiveryThe enhanced personalisation collection includes a series of decorative graphics in six new patterns designed by the Citroën team: ‘Jungle’ to give AMI a wild side, ‘Tutti Frutti’ for your five-a-day, the ever-so-‘British Globetrotter’, ‘Camo’ for a techno look, ‘Tribe’ for nature-lovers and ‘Trendy’ to keep it chic.

Customers in France also have the option to awaken their inner artist by creating bespoke designs from their own photos to display on their AMI. Drivers can easily apply the stickers themselves with the help of instructions contained in the accessories pack when delivered to their home.

Full details on UK customisation options, pricing and specifications will be confirmed at a later date.


Good for the planet, good for the mind: 70% of e-scooter hire scheme users say riding helps improve their mental health

This World Mental Health Day (10th October), new survey data* released by Spin, the micromobility unit of Ford Motor Company, reveals how e-scooter hire schemes have a wide range of benefits on one’s mental wellbeing. The majority (70%) of respondents believe riding an e-scooter rented via a hire scheme helps improve their mental health.

e-scooterThe first of its kind study explored how nearly 1,000 users felt better as a direct result of riding an e-scooter that’s part of the UK Department for Transport’s public hire trials. The results show that e-scooters help provoke positive moods and alleviate negative feelings such stress. Key findings revealed that when riding a hired e-scooter:

87% feel an increased sense of freedom
85% feel relaxed
78% feel mindful as they are able to focus on their immediate surroundings
74% feel less stressed after riding than before their trip
67% agree that it helps clear their mind of negative thoughts and feelings
63% agree that it feels like a digital detox as they are unable to look at their device
People have highly positive associations with how they feel when they ride a hired e-scooter. Almost half (46%) feel adventurous and four out of ten feel joyful (41%), free (41%) and positive (40%). “Exhilarated and like a soaring eagle” and “back to my childhood” were just some of the emotions spontaneously mentioned by riders when asked how they feel while riding an e-scooter.

The research underpins how riders experience “flow[1]”, a concept in positive psychology that refers to the state of mind in which a person becomes fully immersed in an activity and which consequently contributes to a better mental wellbeing. This is aligned with riders feeling joyfulness, an emotion triggered by a chemical reaction in the brain and endorphin[2] release. Renowned media psychologist Emma Kenny supports these results, agreeing that using a public hire e-scooter is a fantastic way for people to not only reduce their carbon footprint but also feel free and embrace a nostalgic, childlike experience in the fresh air:


Maserati celebrates the launch of Situ Live with the MC20

Maserati showcased the MC20 super sports car as part of the launch of Situ Live, a revolutionary new retail experience at Westfield London. Located in White City, West London, Maserati features in the “On the Move” theatre at Situ Live, which is a new approach to retail. Situ Live is launching an exciting and immersive retail experience showcasing world-leading lifestyle brands spanning 7,500 square feet of dynamic venue space in Europe’s largest shopping centre.

MaseratiVisitors to Maserati at Situ Live will be able to immerse themselves both physically and digitally in the brand at their own pace including the opportunity to explore the marque’s award winning MC20 super sports car alongside a space dedicated to Fuoriserie, Maserati’s distinctive personalisation programme.

After viewing the car, interacting with the car configurator and looking at colour and trim samples, visitors are then able to continue their journey through the official Maserati dealer network by scanning a QR code.

Whilst the activation is initially being launched with the exciting all-new MC20 halo car, Maserati will continue to showcase new vehicle introductions and will look to use the destination to introduce new product reveals in the future.

Peter Charters, General Manager, Maserati North Europe says: “Launching Maserati at Situ Live is a really exciting moment for us, it marks a new way for us to engage with people, and we’re looking forward to introducing new audiences to this iconic brand. Complementing our existing retail network, we have designed the space so visitors can experience our brand and cars in a new and truly Maserati way.”

Warren Richmond, founder and CEO of Situ Live says: “The purpose of retail has changed. We want a destination to discover and experience products before buying, our aim is to take visitors on a journey through various themed theatres and introduce them to exciting innovations. We provide a destination where shoppers can interact and better understand products, then if they find something they like, the can simply scan a QR code.”

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