Car Accessories for Safer Driving

Road safety is not always reliant on your driving skills. Since accidents are everywhere, you have to equip yourself with the right car accessories that can help you avoid road accidents. Below are some of the safety add-ons you can install or keep in your car for safer driving:

  1. Blind-spot warning

There are areas of the road that drivers find harder to see. It is where blind-spot warning systems come in handy. This car accessory alerts the driver when vehicles in the adjacent lanes appear in the blind zones. Experts from an RAC approved garage also recommend this device as it provides additional safety for you on the road.

When you install a blind-spot warning system in your car, it will switch the LED lights installed near your side mirrors. Once you begin switching lanes into the lane of another vehicle or other obstacle along the road, the device will sound an audible warning sound.

  1. Forward-collision warning

Forward-collision warning systems monitor the environment in front of your vehicle with cameras, radars, or other sensors. Afterward, it will alert you upon sensing that you’re approaching a car too quickly.

While monitoring your speed, this device can also read speed limit signs and automatically dip your high beams. You can also use a smartphone to display its numerous warning functions. However, it is best to get a professional to install your system.

  1. Portable air compressor pump

A portable tire pump is among the best car accessories to have in your car. You no longer need to stop at a gas station to find an air pump with this around. A portable tire pump utilizes the power of your car to refill tires with air speedily. It also has an automatic shut-off feature and LCD digital display for perfect PSI tire inflation.

  1. Baby mirror

For car owners who drive with babies, this device can help the driver keep an eye on the little passenger seated in a rear-facing car seat. Every parent should have an easy-to-pivot 360-degree, adjustable baby car mirror. A baby mirror also keeps you aware that a baby is in the back seat. So, you will be reminded to carry the baby with you whenever you park.

  1. Backup cameras

Installing backup cameras in your car provides both convenience and safety. They allow you to see at bumper level, which helps prevent back-over accidents. Aside from that, they make parking easier even in tight spaces.

  1. Dashcam

Nowadays, you can find high-end dash cams that provide a 140º field of vision that can record in 1080p HD video. Some dash cams also have a collision warning system along with other features that make driving more convenient and safe. These features alert the driver before accidents occur.


Overall, disciplined driving is always the best way to avoid road accidents. Meanwhile, these car accessories provide additional safety and make driving convenient for you. With the development of new technologies, you will find similar devices that incorporate additional safety features. You may also discover other new car accessories with excellent safety features included in this list.

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