New Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio

New Giulia

The new Giulia and Stelvio sport fresh-looking front ends. The two major air ducts’ front and lower grilles each have a distinctive finish that reinterprets the iconic Trilobo grille in a modern manner.

The headlights are the main new feature on the front. The 3+3 lights make their debut on both models with new Full-LED Adaptive Matrix headlights. This creates both a strong family resemblance with the Tonale and recalls one of the brand’s famous features, which was introduced by the iconic Alfa Romeo SZ Zagato and the Alfa Romeo Proteo concept car. The three modules make up the unique frontline of the new Giulia and Stelvio and ensure the best lighting conditions, thanks to the introduction of newsophisticated technologies.

The new Giulia and Stelvio are equipped with the most cutting-edge technology to ensure a comfortable and connected experience, while simultaneously providing the trademark pleasure of driving an Alfa Romeo. The most significant update can be seen in the instrument panel with its historic ‘telescopic’ design. It includes the new, completely digital 12.3-inch TFT screen, where all the vehicle information and parameters related to the autonomous driving technologies can be accessed. 

The new Giulia and Stelvio follow the strategy introduced with Tonale to makes the customer’s configuration of the vehicle as simple as possible. A choice of two trim levels are available, Sprint and Veloce, which each have distinctive characteristics to satisfy the most demanding customers. The Sprint trim is the entry model for a unique Alfa Romeo experience, while the Veloce further enhances the performance and sportiness of the cars. Giulia range will be available with the rear-wheel drive 280hp petrol engine, while the Stelvio will come with the choice of the all-wheel-drive 280hp petrol or 210hp diesel engines.

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