New Hennessey Venom 1200 GT500 unleashed

Hennessey Venom 1200 GT500

The designer of high-performance vehicles and hypercars, Hennessey, has revealed that their new Venom 1200 Mustang GT500 will go into production. One of the most potent muscle cars Hennessey Performance has ever made, the most recent Hennessey build is based on the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, the most potent factory-produced Mustang of all time.

Ford Performance’s factory-stock Shelby GT500 boasts a hand-built supercharged 5.2-liter V8 rated at 760 bhp and 625 lb-ft of torque – it’s the most powerful factory engine ever dropped under the iconic pony car’s hood. Yet Ford still leaves much of the vehicle’s potential untapped.

The Hennessey Performance team in Texas, which has been ‘making fast cars faster’ for more than 30 years, seizes the opportunity. Its engineers make wide-ranging improvements to the factory setup to increase horsepower and torque considerably. These include a higher capacity 3.8-liter supercharger, a high-flow induction system, new fuel rails and injectors, and an air/oil separation system. In addition, fittings, lines, belts, and tensioners are upgraded, and the dual-clutch transmission is recalibrated for its high-output role. Lastly, the vehicle is calibrated on Hennessey’s in-house dynamometer, before being road-tested.

When the Venom 1200 leaves Hennessey Performance, its comprehensive upgrades and enhancements have unleashed a formidable 1,204 bhp and 902 lb-ft of torque – an astounding 58 percent increase in horsepower over stock.

The Venom 1200 package, which starts at $59,950 (exclusive of the base Ford Shelby GT500), includes unique external badging, a special serial-numbered plaque, and extensive expert improvements to the stock 5.2-liter V8 engine. The Venom 1200 will only be produced in 66 units globally. The 1966 24 Hours of Daytona Ford Mark II GT40 red, white, and black livery will be available as an option for owners to incorporate into their builds.

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