New Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric

Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric

The all-new Renault Scenic E-Tech 100% electric, set to be unveiled at the IAA Mobility 2023 Motor Show in Munich, is designed around families and their need to travel freely and safely, with an increasing awareness of sustainability. Fully electric and brimming with useful and intuitive technology, it embodies the Renault Group’s aims as a next-generation automotive manufacturer.

The Renault Scenic story began when the compact MPV first revolutionised the market in 1996. Its name, short for Safety Concept Embodied in a New Innovative Car, hinted at its fresh approach, and as families’ travel habits and aspirations have evolved over the years, the Scenic has changed with them.

Today, the new latest generation version can be specified with an all-electric powertrain that features a compact 87kWh battery and a 160kW (220hp) motor, capable of delivering a 379-mile range (pending WLTP certification). The 2.78m wheelbase ensures a spacious cabin, including a 278mm knee radius at the back and a 545-litre boot. Its pioneering Solarbay opacifying glass roof and ingenious rear armrest are just some of the comfort-enhancing touches.

The OpenR Link multimedia system features more than 50 apps and the ability to help plan your journey effortlessly. The all-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s signature sound sequence has been created in collaboration with renowned composer Jean-Michel Jarre.

Renault is aiming for carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040 and worldwide by 2050. As a result, up to 24% of the Scenic E-Tech electric’s materials are recycled and 90% of its mass – including the battery – is recyclable.

The all-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s architecture is groundbreaking. It features a fully flat floor, large 19- or 20-inch wheels, a long wheelbase, and a Solarbay opacifying panoramic roof, creating an adaptable space perfect for modern families.

Its proportions are unique, too, at 4.47m long, 1.86m wide, and 1.57m high, ensuring remarkable roominess and uncompromising comfort for everyone. The extra height of the driver’s seat is reassuring and enhances safety, while passengers in the rear have as much knee- and headroom as the top C-segment family cars.

The Nouvel’R logo and new signature headlights represent the latest brand identity. The logo sits among an array of superimposed small diamonds, which appear and disappear depending on the light and angle. These patterns merge into the headlights at the top of the grille, creating a spectacular high-tech effect. A striking welcome sequence greets its occupants as they approach. On certain versions, the LED Adaptive Vision technology adapts the beam pattern to suit the driving conditions, while the indicators are animated, travelling outwards from the centre.

At the rear, the high-tech lights are cited like two arrows facing each other, and appear to stretch the vehicle widthways. Micro-optical technology brings them to life when activated, yet they appear to float when switched off.

Aerodynamic efficiency was a central concern throughout the design process. At the front, air curtains under the daytime running lights optimise the air flow around the vehicle, while the sculpted rear dispels drag with a character-defining line on either side of the bumper.

The lightweight, 20-inch wheels feature a design that reduces air inlet space, thereby enhancing aerodynamics further. The door handles of the all-new Scenic E-Tech electric are flush with the body, adding a modern aesthetic while smoothing air flow.

Six appealing body colours will be available: Flame Red, Midnight Blue, Diamond Black, Shadow Grey Glossy, matte Shadow Grey (exclusive to the esprit Alpine trim) and Pearl White. Depending on the trim, the roof and door pillars can be finished in contrasting Diamond Black or Shadow Grey.

The stand-out feature of the all-new Scenic E-Tech electric is the Solarbay panoramic glass roof, developed in partnership with Saint-Gobain. Its AmpliSky technology uses a combination of PDLCs (polymer dispersed liquid crystals) to change the opacity of the glass one segment at a time.

Renault is the first mass-market car manufacturer to offer a panoramic roof that can be either fully or partially opacified in segments. The driver and passengers can choose any of four roof settings: full light,  full opaque, light at the front but opaque at the back, and the reverse. More practical than a conventional roller blind, it allows passengers in the back to lighten or opacify the roof in their area without affecting the occupants in the front. Its operation can be controlled using a button by the overhead light or by voice control using Google Assistant for an effect that positively wows passengers. 

The Solarbay roof minimises the greenhouse effect in warm weather and opacifies automatically on exiting the car. When you return, it automatically reverts to its previous setting. 

It saves space, too, gaining 30mm of headroom over a conventional mechanical blind, and is 6-8kg lighter. With one eye on sustainability, approximately 50% of the glass is made of waste from plate and automotive glass production, while 90% of it can be recycled at the end of its life. 

Clever storage abounds in the all-new Scenic E-Tech electric, with up to 38.7 litres of it throughout the cabin. This includes the glove compartment (4 litres), door bins (13.6 litres), an open storage area in the centre console (6.6 litres) with two large cupholders (2 litres) and a compartment under the armrest (3.4 litres) which also slides forwards and backwards by 70mm. Under the centre screen is storage and wireless charging for smartphones, while pockets behind the front seats add a further 2.4 litres each.

Rear seat passengers have their own ingenious armrest with two swivelling arms, 3.6 litres of storage for smartphones and tablets, fold-out stands to watch screens comfortably, two cupholders and two USB-C ports. 

A concealed trap door allows long items to be carried without folding down the rear seat by providing access to the ample 545-litre boot that increases to 1,670 litres with the seats folded.

Light and elegant fabrics enhance the feeling of space inside, while the Iconic model includes an FSC-certified linden finish to the dashboard and door panels.

Based on the modular CMF-EV platform, the all-new Scenic E-Tech electric boasts a long wheelbase of 2.78m, combined with wide wheel tracks and a wheel-at-each-corner stance that aids stability.

The steering ratio of 12, the lowest on the market, matches that of the Megane E-Tech electric. With the Parallel Link multi-link rear axle, the result is a tight curb-to-curb turning circle of 10.9 metres together with excellent handling and steering precision.

Two powertrain configurations are available. The first uses a 125kW (170hp) motor with 280Nm, powered by a 60kWh battery pack, to deliver a range of 260 miles or more (pending WLTP verification). The second features a 160kW (220hp) motor with 300Nm coupled with a larger 87kWh pack that is targeted to achieve more than 279 miles (pending WLTP verification).

The battery design has been optimised to the smallest detail with the modules arranged over two tiers to fit perfectly within the CMF-EV platform. The 87kWh battery pack is made up of 12 modules of 16 cells each, while the 60kWh version comprises 12 modules of 24 cells.

Thanks to LG’s NMC (nickel, manganese, cobalt) technology, the all-new Scenic E-Tech electric’s battery is 6% more energy dense than that in the Megane E-Tech electric. A heat pump is standard in the all-new Scenic E-Tech electric, helping to recover heat and energy that would otherwise be wasted.

Pre-conditioning of the battery happens automatically as the car nears a scheduled charging stop, ensuring it is at the optimal temperature on arrival and helping to cut charge times. As a result, drivers can enjoy 2 hours of range on a motorway (equivalent to approximately 50kWh with a 150kW charge) by charging for just 30 minutes.

Four levels of regenerative braking are available, selected using two paddles mounted behind the steering wheel, to recover kinetic energy and return it to the battery.

The European specification offers a choice of Techno,  Esprit Alpine and Iconic trim – the top-of-the-range version being available for the first time in a Renault all-electric vehicle. The all-new Scenic E-Tech electric will launch in early 2024.

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