Greenpower charged for the track

Greenpower GirlracerGreenpower is a nationwide challenge to design, build, and race a single seat electric car, which provides young people (9 – 24 year olds) with an unique hands-on opportunity to engage in engineering.


The highly successful Greenpower challenge to design, build, and race a single seat electric car, provides young people with an unique hands on opportunity to engage in engineering.

The proven project uses the excitement of motorsport to inspire students from primary school to university to excel in science, technology, GreenPower track action engineering and mathematical studies, with the added result of delivering social and behavioural benefits. Currently over 400 schools throughout the UK are involved in the project, a figure that Greenpower is working to increase.

There are four different levels of the challenge:

IET Formula Goblin (Ages 9 – 11)
For primary school pupils in years 5 and 6 .
The car is a standardised kit, that can take an average of 15 hours to build.
The events involve three disciplines: a slalom, a drag race and sprint racing.
There are additional awards for Best Presented Team, Best Bodywork, Greenest Bodywork, and the Spirit of Greenpower.

IET Formula 24 (ages 11 – 16)
This is a four hour endurance race, held at major motorsport venues in the UK.
All teams have the same motor, and three 12 volt batteries, used in pairs (producing 24 volts, hence Formula 24). The cars can be built from a kit supplied by Greenpower, or totally from scratch by the team, to fit the formula specification.

During the race at least five team members must drive the car, and up to six further members can act as pit crew so there’s plenty of pit stop action.
Teams have to compete in at least one regional heat and if they finish in the top three they qualify for the National Final held in October at Goodwood Motor Circuit.

IET Formula 24+ (ages 16 – 25)
This is the challenge for 16 – 25 year olds and includes sixth form teams, apprentices, private teams and graduate trainee programmes. This formula is all about designing and building an electric car with a standard motor and sets of batteries. Although there are strict regulations to follow, this certainly doesn’t restrict the creativity seen on the grid.

The races are 90 minutes duration, run on four 12 volt batteries, used in pairs.

Corporate Challenge (ages 16 – )
Currently held just once a year, alongside the National Finals, this challenge is for businesses, corporate and academic teams. The technical regulations are the same as for IET Formula 24+, but drivers of any age can compete.

Fun facts
– The cars can travel 24 miles on no more energy than that contained in a Big Mac, 13.5 miles on a Mars Bar and even 0.96 miles on a Jelly Baby.
–  These same cars will consume only 20 pence worth of electricity in 4 hours of racing.
– The cars would cover a total of 120 miles in 4 hours, making for an average speed of 30mph.

In petrol, this is equivalent to 2,980 miles per gallon.

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