Mitsubishi Concept AR European premiere

Concept ARThe Mitsubishi Concept AR (for “Active Runabout”) is a compact vehicle blending the benefits of MPV and SUV architectures.


The oversize tyres give the body a lifted-up look while the overstated skid plates give clear visual expression to the high manoeuvrability, the reassuring stability and the commanding presence of an SUV.

Other styling elements contributing to Concept AR’s fresh and distinctive design include the front grille with its bold diamond-cut pattern and the air outlets crafted into the rear pillars which serve to reduce aerodynamic drag.

Inside, Concept AR cleanly wraps occupants in simple and soft styling which does away with meaningless features, all meant to create a soothing ambiance.

Distinguished by soft and rounded lines the spacious cabin offers three alternative seating patterns giving generous seating room for six occupants, for four occupants with a sizeable luggage space or for a generous common space between the 2nd and 3rd row seats when they are turned to face each other.

Beyond traditional MPV versatile seating arrangement, great care has also been given to providing enough individual personal space and also to the distance between fellow occupants – for instance, a passenger might pull out the tablet-type interface from its home slot in the side of the cabin and link up with the outside world through the internet or check out their emails and other personal information.

Within the compact dimensions of the body, the relatively long wheelbase provides a cabin that is open and airy. This is amplified by the gently bowed Crystal Lighted Roof from the centre of which indirect lighting provides passengers with soothing illumination.

The calming peacefulness of the cabin is further enhanced by gentle wind and other sounds emanating from slits in the side trim. With easily detachable cup holders and a tablet-type interface, this forward-thinking interior design brings together enhanced convenience and comfort.

Concept AR is powered by a lightweight Belt Start Generator (BSG)-type mild hybrid system which comprises a downsized 1.1-litre in-line 3-cylinder direct-injection turbocharged MIVEC engine mated to a low-output BSG torque circuit.

The rear-mounted 48V lithium-ion battery and air-cooled DC-DC converter work in cooperation to provide instant engine restarting after an idle-stop and to deliver gutsy torque assist under acceleration. The motor is used to recover kinetic energy during regenerative braking and to drive the A/C compressor while the engine is turned off to promote even better fuel economy at the same time as delivering a solid and satisfying driving experience.

During its development, Concept AR has also been subject to an exhaustive weight reduction program targeting the engine and the hybrid system overall together with the more extensive use of high-tensile strength steel panels as already implemented in Mitsubishi Motors’ latest products (New Outlander, New Mirage) and also, of lightweight structural materials in strategic locations. This weight reduction was extended to the no-frill design of the dashboard, seats and even the choice of upholstery trim. The result is a significant reduction in fuel consumption together with a smoother and more comfortable ride.

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