Citroen introduce a new concept car for the Urban Jungle

Citroën C1 Swiss & Me Concept CarThe 84th Geneva Motor Show will see Citroën unveil the C1 Swiss & Me, a bold and unique concept version of the New Citroën C1 city car.

Bearing the colours of the Swiss flag and paying homage to the city of Geneva – the venue for its worldpremiere – the C1 Swiss & Me perfectly demonstrates the personalisation possibilities of the New Citroën C1.

An emblematic and cosmopolitan city, Geneva boasts a high quality of lifestyle and is the ideal setting for this new model, which adopts a playful approach to the constraints of city driving.

Particular work has gone into the concept car’s styling and colour scheme; a bi-tone effect blends a red roof, featuring the Swiss flag, and a pearl white body. Splashes of red, including red wing mirrors, further complement the exterior styling of the C1 Swiss & Me concept.

Citroën C1 Swiss & Me Concept CarCitroën C1 Swiss & Me Concept CarThe concept car also emphasises the on-road performance of the New Citroën C1, with wing extensions, large wheels and a central tailpipe.

The New Citroën C1 Swiss & Me concept car underlines the spirit of the New Citroën C1 – an everyday companion with a resourceful and irreverent approach to the urban jungle

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