A wet weekend for the Rain Queen and team at Snetterton

Rebecca Jackson (Photo by Marc Waller)

Rebecca Jackson (Photo by Marc Waller)We can all agree the weather has been pretty miserable over the last week or so but these are the conditions Rebecca thrives in.

It was a weekend of changeable weather at Snetterton which kept Team Turtle Wax on its toes throughout Saturday and Sunday.

The weekend started off well with Rebecca and Mike starting the first race 13th out of 25 cars, having qualified 4th in class.

Rebecca only had time to do three laps during qualifying but even from her first lap she was matching Mike’s early pace from his stint. Mike went onto find more time later on but Rebecca has no doubt she would’ve continued to improve on her times if she’d had the time on track.

A number of cars had problems in the first race but Rebecca and Mike managed to keep the Porsche 911 out of trouble, bringing home a 6th in class for the team. Rebecca said: “The race on Saturday was ace, with a superb pit stop and great pace from us both.”

On Sunday the weather was somewhere between a light drizzle and a torrential downpour, with all the cars having to go out on wet tyres during the two races. In the first, Mike came in 7th in class after a minor spin on track.

Rebecca took to the wheel for the second race of the day, managing to keep the car on track and taking 6th in the GTB class despite a bad start. During the race Rebecca kept in touch with the garage to gauge the pace of the fifth place car. She said: “ I could not gauge my pace and so after lap one asked what the next place up was doing – and then matched his time shaving five seconds off.”

Driving this kind of car with no driver aids – unlike some of the cars the team are competing against – Rebecca has learnt a lot about how to handle such a powerful car without aids such as ABS and traction control helping her through. Mastering this car gives her the skills to drive absolutely anything the world of motorsport can throw at her.

Rebecca Jackson (Photo by Marc Waller) Rebecca Jackson (Photo by Marc Waller) Rebecca Jackson (Photo by Marc Waller) Rebecca Jackson (Photo by Marc Waller)

Of the weekend Rebecca said: “Overall it was very positive, despite the challenge of the continuously changing weather! Our team manager Paul Amiss is pleased with my improved pace so it’s really a positive for the whole team.

“It was a great weekend for learning more about the car and pushing it even further, as well as getting to grips with the brakes. I can’t wait to get out there again!”

The next round is Brands Hatch on the 15th & 16th August as part of the Lotus Festival.


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